Cross Country Camp In the NC Mountains!

Hey guys I'm back with another post. As you guys may or may not know I went to cross country camp at the end of July and I finally have all the pictures sorted and now I'm sharing them. So I was there for five days and it was such a blast. I didn't even want to go home but I will say I'm glad to be home now. While we were there we stayed at a place called Christ School which is an all boys private school and there was around fifteen or so teams that also went to camp there as well. Basically we would run with people who were at our fitness level and there were different events every day that everyone did. So it was a team kind of camp but I also got to meet new people from other schools which was really cool too. For example I met some girls from Tennessee and we ate dinner with them. Cross country camp was just so much fun and worth the experience for sure. 

Day one

We drove up to the mountains on day one and the drive was around 5 hours or so and I was sleeping most of the trip up. We stopped at Wendy's for lunch and kept driving. Then we got there and got our stuff settled into the dorms. After that we were put into our running groups and went for an evening run. Then we hung out and then went to bed. 

Day 2

On day two we woke up and got on the bus to go to Hooker Falls to run. Hooker falls I'd say was the most hilly course that we ran on and the run wasn't too bad but the hills had me so beat. After we were done running we dipped in the hooker falls waterfall and the water was freezing but it was well worth it because now I can say that I've swam in a waterfall. After hooker falls we went back to Christ school for lunch and I think we had some down time and then we had a motivational speaker talk to us about how to always have good races. After that we got in our evening run and then we had dinner and then an event but I forgot what it was. I think it was movie night actually, but I'm not sure. Then we hung out and went to bed. 

Day 3

On day three we went running at DuPont state forest and then after our run we went to sliding rock. Sliding rock was the highlight of the trip for sure because it was so much fun and it was my first time sliding down a waterfall. The mountain water was freezing but it was very refreshing after our morning run. Then we came back for lunch and we had some down time so I went door bell ditching and window ditching with Isabella in our dorm. Then we had an evening run and after our run we went swimming in the creek with our whole team. What was cool is that we found a shovel and a bike in the creek and we took pics with those but the photos didn't turn out super good so I left them out of the photos on here. After that we ate dinner and then had the talent show. After that we just hung out with everyone and then went to bed. 

day 4

On day four we had breakfast and then went running and I actually have a story about this run. The counselors said that the run would be the easiest run of the week and it turned out to be the opposite. So we got to the spot to run and we started running and it turns out we were running down the wrong path and basically we were running up a steep mountain. During the run I fell and my knee and some parts of my left leg were bleeding. I had to run back with a stinging pain for four miles but I made it and it wasn't too bad, it was just painful to run on. So there is the story with that and then we had lunch and we had an afternoon run and we took pictures. After that we had dinner and a dance party later. Then we went to bed after hanging out. 

Day 5

Now on to the last day! We just had a campus run in the morning and then the closing ceremony and then it was back home. It was actually me and Isabella's birthday on the last day there and my coach agreed to let us choose the lunch on the way back home. Of course we picked Bojangles and we were really excited about it. The thing that I get the most excited for when it comes to my birthday is the food so it was a good day. And we just got back home and I opened my presents and chilled. 

Click on the video if you want to watch my dorm ding dong ditch video too! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope y'all liked all the pictures. It was so much fun and I didn't even want to come home because of all the fun I was having. I'm really glad that I got to have this experience and it is something I will remember for the rest of my life for sure. 

Quitting Fashion Blogging and Re branding My Blog

Hey guys this is something that I've been wanting to talk about for a while but I wasn't sure on how to go about it. So as you guys may or may not know I took a blogging break to think about what I wanted to do with my blog because I haven't really been into fashion blogging that much. I haven't posted anything on my Instagram or blog in two weeks or so and while I was on my break I felt really liberated and it was nice. While on my break I was really thinking about what I wanted to do with this blog and I feel like it's time to re brand my blog. I knew that I wanted to keep my blog but I just haven't really been into fashion blogging lately so I think it's time for some content that I actually feel good about posting. I am kind of tired of continuing to fashion blog when I'm not really into it that much. The truth is that I really enjoy nature and motivation and I would really like to gear my blog towards that. Now I'll explain why I'm doing this...

With fashion blogging it seems like everyone is trying to create this glamorous lifestyle with all this stuff, a big closet, and new clothes everyday and I really don't resonate with that. I feel like when you are a fashion blogger you have to always try to impress all your followers and gain social acceptance and social status and it's so dumb. You are not your status and I feel like as a fashion blogger you base your self worth based on how many likes and followers and comments you have and that is not healthy. I also saw what seemed like every fashion blogger saying shop my outfits, shop this, and shop that but really the truth is that I am minimalistic and I have a hard time with telling people to consume more. I think less is more and you really become so much happier with less weight on your shoulders so saying to buy clothes that you don't need is not my kind of deal. Fashion blogging was just starting to feel like a deep void and I knew I wasn't passionate about it anymore but I would still try to put out posts because I felt like I had to. But you know what I'm going to do me and if you still want to follow my journey then follow along but If not that is totally okay with me. Fashion blogging just isn't my thing anymore and I have accepted that and now I'm ready to blog about what I'm passionate about. 

Now to talk about what my new content will be like. So I will be changing my blog name to Courtney Hardy because it's just easier for people to remember me by that. I have been really inspired by nature lately and I've been spending a lot of time outdoors so I want to post more outdoorsy posts on my blog. I am also all about happiness and living your best life so I want to post motivational and inspiration posts on my blog too. I just want to share my thoughts and adventures with you guys basically. Those things are what I'm really passionate about so I want to post about those things for the most part. I also want to also have an occasional running post because I enjoy running too. With this blog re brand I will also not go out of my way to get more comments and likes on my Instagram pictures, I will just post and be done. Before It would take two hours just to post on Instagram because there was a whole process to it but now I won't be doing that. I will also forget the posting schedule and just post whenever I want to post. I just want to be more natural and show how I actually live my life on my blog instead of trying to make myself look and seem perfect when I'm not. If you also noticed I did redo the style of my blog and I really like it. So yeah that will be my new re brand and I hope you guys are looking forward to it because I am. 

I hope you guys support this change and I'm telling you I'm all about passion in life and doing what makes you happy so I'm going to do that because life is too short to not enjoy what you do. I am happy to say peace out to fashion blogging and I'm excited for this journey ahead! See you guys soon.