Beach Vacation Outfit Ideas

Hey guys welcome back to another blog post. Since I am leaving for the Outer Banks this morning I thought I would share some beach vacation outfit ideas inspired by some common beach activities. I have three looks to show you guys. The first one is a look for a day of boating, the second one is a walking around town look, and the third look is a look for the beach. I hope you guys enjoy these looks, and I am so excited to share with you guys my Outer Banks photos after my trip! 

For the boating look I went for something that had a nautical vibe but also something comfortable to wear. The color scheme of this outfit is also white and blue which is a cute color scheme for boating. I love the fish earrings, they are just adorable! I also added some Vineyard Vines pieces in the look to add to the boating vibe because pretty much anything vineyard vines has a cute coastal southern vibe which is what I was going for with this look. 

For the walking around town look I wanted the outfit to have a casual vibe with a little bit of a dressy touch to it. The top and the shorts create a casual beachy vibe to the outfit. To add the little bit of dressiness to the look I added a Kate Spade clutch, and some ankle bracelets. I also had to throw some birks to the look because birks are so cute, and the perfect summer sandal! 

For the beachin it look I wanted to have a pretty basic beach look. I have a super cute tropical bikini in the look, and to add a beach mermaid vibe to the look I added some starfish earrings. Of course I had to add the pattleboard that I have been lusting over!! If you guys didn't know my birthday is coming up next month and the number one thing I want is an inflatable pattleboard. They are just so cool, and I'm always hanging out by the water so I would use it so much. It's something that I want to get into and start doing because it looks really fun. 

Well that is all for the looks! I hope you guys liked the looks, and I hope you guys liked my awesome beachy graphics that I added to the photos. I will see you guys on Friday with all of my Outer Banks photos!! 

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