Spring Break Outfit Ideas!

It may have already been spring break for some people, but for a lot of people my age they are on spring break right now. Whether or not you are on spring break or not these clothing ideas are really good for vacation wear, and just the warmer weather in general. I personally have been loving an airy boho chic vibe for spring break because it represents a weight kind of being lifted off my shoulders, and it also represents that I'm here to have fun, and relax. I am seriously so glad that it's finally warm now, and that means i can pull out all the spring, and summer clothes. I'm actually going to organize my spring/summer wardrobe today because i have a day off from work, and I'm so excited!! I also wanted to try something different today and put together three outfits that would be perfect for spring break to go along with the picks. I think this will be very helpful for those of you who are having a hard time dressing for spring break. 
Outfit one is a perfect look for a beach or pool day. I wanted to throw in a beach or pool outfit because it's spring break, and that means it's time to break out that bikini! I love the cool waist line detail on the bikini because it looks so fun, and beachy. I also could not forget to add Birkenstocks to this look because they are really cozy, and they also create a cute boho vibe to the outfit. 

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Outfit number two is a more dressy look for spring break. I picked out a palm printed dress because that is such a cute print for spring break, and i paired it off with some cute wedges, and some tassel earrings. This kind of an outfit would be good to wear for a dinner, or event during spring break that is a little more dressy. 

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Outfit three is a more casual look that is still super cute. If you are going to be soaking up the sun i would wear something like this outfit because it's lightweight, and has a hat so then you will be protected from the sun. The floral top is cropped so there is lots of room to breathe, and this outfit would create such a cute spring meets summer sun vibe if you know what i mean. 

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Floral Crop TopDenim SkirtBeach HatTextured Bag

That is all for today's post. I hope i got to inspire some of you guys, and help you out if you're struggling for a cute spring break outfit. I hope you guys loved all the picks, and all the outfits i put together! I will see you guys next week with a new post.

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