Spring Break Moodboard

Hey guys I'm back with another blog post. It will be on spring break on Friday, and i just wanted to share a little mood board of what's been making me inspired for the break. I have been feeling totally inspired by brighter colors, and lots of tropical stuff. I really hope it's warm over spring break so i can crack out my bikini, and get a nice tan. I also want to rock some cute outfits while i hangout with my friends. I'm not really doing anything special over spring break, but i will probably just be hanging out, and working a lot. I really feel overdue for a break because i work my butt off everyday, and i really can't wait to get time to relax a little bit! I hope you guys understand why i can't post as much as i would like to, it's just a really tough semester right now, but I'm pushing through. Also all of the photos in the mood board are an idea of what i want to wear over spring break, and also what i want to do over the break. I totally wish it were warm enough for the pool, but we will save that one for summer break! I hope all of y'all have a wonderful week, and i will share some spring break outfit ideas later. I might also be posting on Friday of this week since i will be on spring break on Friday but it depends on how busy i am this week. Anyways thanks for tuning in, and i will see you guys soon!

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