Finding Your Real Friends, and How It Can Be Hard

Hello guys i am back with another post. I was initially just going to post an outfit and be done, but i wanted to talk about finding your real friends, and how hard it can be sometimes. So if you guys didn't already know i am a junior in high school, and high school can be pretty shallow sometimes if you're not friends with the right people. Long story short i recently had a "fight" happen in my friend group so this is why i wanted to touch on this subject just to spread the awareness to always choose your friends wisely, and be careful who you hang out with. So to tell what happened, i have this one insecure friend who posted on her snapchat story "why don't people like hanging out with me". And some background on her: She has a lot of mental issues, and she is always complaining, and angry. So i commented something like "i don't know. Maybe because you are always angry". After that she just went off, but i wasn't trying to offend her, i was just trying answer her question just based off of how she acts. I was just being realistic, but maybe i said it too bluntly. I feel a little at fault because i should have thought more about my answer because she is really sensitive, and takes everything really personally. Then she blocked me on snapchat after going off on me. I don't get it because i was just trying to answer her question, but i think i could have done it in a better way. She has also blocked my best friend Gabby on snapchat, even through Gabby didn't say anything to her that was hurtful. She was saying stuff to me like, "you make half my problems worse". I didn't fight back because i don't want to stoop to her level, i just defended myself, and if it gets any worse i will go talk to a school counselor about it because I'm not going to let myself get bullied. And just to put it out there, you should never blame your problems on someone else, because it's your problem. I get it if you readers feel as if I'm at fault, and maybe i am, i was just trying to answer her question.

If you couldn't tell I'm trying to keep this generic because i don't want to tell every detail, but some of the stuff she said to me was nasty, and i will be speaking out about it for sure because no one deserves to be bullied, or yelled at. Finding your real friends can be hard, and it takes time. I'm just so glad that i decided to get into track, and cross country because i met really great friends through that, and those friends are like my squad now. In your younger years especially friends may come and go, and the real ones will be great to you and stay, you just have to find those friends. This situation really taught me to be more careful with how i word things because people could take it the wrong way. Me and this "friend" may stop being friends for all i know, but she is mad at me. If the best thing is to stop being friends with her, then I'll leave if i have to. It's not bad to leave a toxic friend at all because that just means more space for better friends. It can just be hard sometimes to find the right kind of people for you because everyone is so diverse, and sometimes it takes a while to weed through the crowd and see who you really should be hanging out with. I remember when i met my best friend Gabby my sophomore year of high school, and now we are like family. I'm so grateful to have Gabby as my best friend, and i'm really glad i met her because she is the closest friend i ever had. Like yeah i had best friends in middle school, but i was not as close to them as i am with Gabby. So it just goes to show that it can take some time to find the right people for you, but once you do it will be awesome. 

Outfit details: My top is from Target, my jeans are from Kohl's, my boots are from Macy's, my watch is from Garmin, and my glasses are from Coach. 

I hope ya'll enjoyed this, and i would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. I'm just feeling a bit torn because i don't know what i did wrong, i just think i could have worded it in a better way. Let me know your thoughts. 

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