His and Hers Valentines Day Gift Guide

Hey guys I'm back with a valentines day post. I wanted to do a gift guide because gift guides are always fun to do, and i wanted to help out some of you guys that may be having a hard time finding a gift for someone. This is for him, and her, so that way there is ideas for both parties. I am also going to try to do two posts this week but of course I'm over scheduled for work, and i have school work. I really want to do two posts because it just feels better to do it. Also there is like a new update or something for blogger, and now i have no idea how to comment on other people's sites, if someone can inform me about it i would love to know. Now i hope all of these ideas inspire you, and i hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. 

1)Steiff Honey Teddy Bear-Teddy bears always seem like a good option for a valentines gift. Around valentines day there is always ads for a giant teddy bear. They are good if you want to get a gift for your lover if they miss you. 

2)Tiffany & Co. Open Heart Pendant Necklace-If your partner is into jewelry you could get them a necklace like this with a heart or another cute symbol. 

3)H&M Lace Push-up Bra-It seems like a girl always needs a new bra, so minus well help her out. 

4)Michael Kors Sexy Amber Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz.-Perfume is also a good option for valentines day because it could spruce up the romance. The perfume i linked is one i really like, i still have to buy it through, but the samples smelled so good. 

5)Madewell 'Whisper' Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee-Clothes are a good option for valentines day if your partner is really into fashion, or they simply need some new pants or something. 

6)Jessica Simpson Women's Bunny Ballet Slipper-My feet can get so cold sometimes and I'm sure every girl can relate, so get a girl some slippers. 

7)Peony Signature 9.4 oz Candle-Candles are nice for a night in to make everything smell nicer. I love candles because they create a nice warm light, and they make everything smell good. 

8)Adrienne Landau Rex Rabbit Heart Key chain-A heart key chain or a personalized key chain would be a good gift if your partner uses their purse a lot, or if they are always carrying some kind of bag. It's kind of like a simple reminder that can remind her of you. 

9)PJ Salvage Lip Print Pajama Pants-Now to be cozy, get your girl some PJ's. They are a must!!

10)MAC Little Lipstick/0.06 oz.-Lipstick or some kind of makeup would be good if your partner likes makeup but if not then this would not be a good idea.

11)Sweet Treats™ Dots Bralette-This kind of a bralette would be good if y'all are trying to have a romantic evening if you know what i mean. (this is why i don't do valentines posts because i know i gotta include something like this).

12)Xhilaration Women's Cozy Crew Socks Animals-Socks are always a gift because you can never have too many socks. Socks are awesome, especially Cabin socks, they are the warmest socks ever. 

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1)Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne After Shave Balm 4oz-After shave balm can't hurt to create a better smell.

2)Nike Benassi Slide Sandal-Slides are good if your man is athletic because these are so easy to slip on and be out the door.

3)Travel Shaving Kit-I honestly had no idea on what to put in this guide because it seems like guys are hard to shop for so i just put a shaving kit.

4)4.5" Valentine's Day Print Boxers-You could get kind of a gag gift, and get valentines day pizza boxers. They are funny.

5)Pillar Portable Speaker-Portable speakers are good if your partner is into music, and they want to amplify their music.

6)Logo Embroidered Twill Baseball Hat-Hats are always cool, and stylish, so you could get your man a hat, and I'm sure he wouldn't complain.

7)Adidas Diablo Small Duffel Bag-The duffel bag would be good if you have a partner that travels a lot, or plays a sport because a big bag will make their life easier.

8)Calvin Klein Euphoria Men by Men's Cologne-Smelling good is awesome, and you could get your man some cologne to put on for some romance.

9)Adidas Originals Sneakers-Sneakers are a must if you are always on your feet, or if sneakers fit your style. You really can't go wrong with sneakers.

10)Tommy Hilfiger Cotton Boxer Brief - Pack of 3-New underwear never hurts, so minus well stock up on valentines day.

11)Pico Brew Serving Keg-This would be a good one if your partner is into drinking, or if you're dating a college boy.

12)BOSCA Small Wallet-A wallet is always good for organizing cards, and everything else. It's a simple, and useful gift.

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  1. Great gifting ideas! I'd love to get any of those things from the list. Wishing you a great week! xx


  2. Great selection. Love all your picks!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Xx, Raysa