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August Favorites

1)My New Bed Guys can I just talk about how much I love my new bed, and best part of all I got it for free but then I had to buy bedding stuff. So the story behind this bed is that my grandparents are moving out of thier house, and they didn't want some of their furniture anymore, so they asked my family if we wanted it, and we said yes. So now I got a queen bed! I feel like I just upped my bed game, and I feel more adultish because before I had a twin bed. I have so much space now, and it's so cozy! I just love it.

2)The Cross Country Team You guys may or may not know that I'm on the cross country team for my high school. It is honestly so great, and I've made lots of new friends through cross country. The season is just now kicking off, and we are competing in lots of great meets. I am the 4th or 5th fastest girl on the team, and it's my first year. So making varsity my first year is a pretty big deal because all the other newbie girls are way behind me. I ran 3…

Fall Inspiration from Rose Gal

Happy Friday guys! So the clothing brand Rose Gal emailed me, and wanted to collaborate, and of course I couldn't turn it down because their stuff is just too cute. Can I just talk about how cute their maxi dresses are, you can check out their casual maxi dresses here. Anyways I'm doing a different kind of post today. Today I'm going to be sharing two fall outfits that can inspire you for your fall wardrobe. So just a little disclaimer real quick. This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own, and I really like their products otherwise I wouldn't be sharing it. So let's get into it!

Outfit one
This outfit is so cute, and casual. Fall is seriously the best time to get out those darker colors, I love the casual tee with denim look for the fall.  Jacket Jeans Tank Top Boots
Outfit 2
This is an outfit that you could easily throw on, and be out the door real quick and still look cute. Sweater dresses are seriously so cozy through!! Sweater dress

You want some new…

This is My 100th Blog Post

Oh my gosh guys I can't believe I've hit 100 blog posts, that's just crazy! This summer I've been posting two times a week, and it's really made the posts add up a lot faster than I thought. And for my 100th blog post I would like to announce a few things.

1)I'm going to be starting a home series on my blog called "At Home with Sugarcoatedbears". I seriously am a sucker for anything having to do with home stuff. And since I love it so much and not a lot of people know about my little home obsession, I thought to start the series. The series was kind of a last minute "I should do this" kind of thing. But It was such a good idea that I had, and now I'm going along with it. So get ready for some home improvement posts!!!

2)I'm now going to start creating my own e-magazine from now on. I've been thinking about doing this for about a month or so, and I came to the decision to launch it right now for my 100th blog post. I'm estima…

What's In My Bag for Back To School

Hello guys I'm back with another post, and today I thought I would share with you guys what is in my bag for back to school, because yes I'm a highschooler. I can't believe it's almost time to go back to school, summer break just went by too fast. But enough sobbing, let's get into the post. 

So this is what bag I'm planning to use for school, but that might change depending on how much stuff I'll need to carry. My mom got this cute little tote bag for me when she visited London on a business trip. This bag is from Cath Kidston's London collection. I just love the pattern, it's so adorable. 

My mom also got me a matching vintage pencil box from Cath Kidston's too. I think the pencils are really cute.

I usually have a binder in my bag for back to school because at least one of my classes always requires a binder. I got my binder last year from Walmart, but then I made my own cover sheet thing. So to make the cover sheet all you're going to n…

The Basket

Hello guys today I'm back with another look. I'm really soaking up these summer looks before fall comes. This look is just so cute, and summery. I love it. But guys get ready for fall posts. I'm not going to start fall on my blog too early, but once it hits near the end of August, and the beginning of September, get ready for the fall posts!!! So anyways lets get into this look. 

I just think this is the cutest look for the summer. I've been noticing that polka dots, and basket bags have been really trendy for the summer in the blogging community. I'm not one to follow the trends, but I will say that basket bags and polka dots are just adorable. Especially the basket bags!!! I feel like it has a picnic chic kind of vibe, which is cute. 

Outfit details: The top is from H & M, the shorts are from White House Black Market, I don't know where the basket is from, and my glasses are from coach.

Also guys I curled my hair for this look, and I just love the way my…

What I eat in a day

Hello guys. I thought I would share what I eat in a day because I always find other people's posts about this so interesting, so I thought I would share what I eat in a day. So let's get into it!

So today I had a brunch kind of deal going on. In the morning I like to eat something light, so today I'm going in for a smoothie bowl. The ingredients are listed down below. So to make this all you have to do is mix up all the ingredients in a blender, and then you're set to go! I added the second banana on top of the bowl for decoration because I'm just that kind of girl.

As a snack between brunch, and dinner I had some dark chocolate flavored almonds. These are so good, and still a little healthy. I just had a small bowl of these because I got hungry.

Now onto dinner, my biggest meal of the day. So for dinner I decided to do a bowl of pasta. I've been eating a lot of pasta lately since my cross country season started, and pasta is always a good thing for runners si…