My Summer Room

Hey guys I'm back again with another post! It's finally summer break, so I decided to decorate my room for summer!! I think it looks really cute, and summery. So let's take a peek.

This is what you see when you first walk into my room.

This is my dresser, I added some sea shells, magnolia clippings, and a summer quote that says "live a bikini kinda life" to add a summery vibe to my room. 

Here is a closeup of the quote. I really like the font of it, and also this summer I am going to live a bikini kind of life. 

I love the magnolia clippings, it adds a kind of tropical vibe to my room.

This is a closeup of my bed, I taped some magnolia clippings to the frame of my bed, and I changed out my pillow for the summer. 

I bought this pillow a couple months ago for spring and summer, and it's really cute. Stripes are kind of a summer staple for basically the whole summer, so stripes really add a summery kind of look to your home, or outfits, etc. Isn't this pillow so adorable by the way?! I love it.

This is a closeup of magnolia leafs I added to the top of my bed. These are real, so when these clipping die, I can just go click some more, and change it out. 

I painted this last year, it's of a cliff by the ocean. I replaced my spring barn painting, with this more summery painting, and I really like how it works. 

I used to have a table at the front of my bed frame, but I decided to change it out with this crate, because the crate adds a more beachy vibe to the space. 

I used to have a sunflower painting in the place of this painting, but then I changed it out to this painting. This was when I was first learning how to paint, so it's a bit bad, but it I like how it looks a bit abstract. If you were wondering when I painted this I attempted to paint a couple cliffs on the ocean. It didn't work out so well. 

Then this is the last part of my room. I didn't decorate this area or anything for summer, but I thought I would just show you guys this area anyways. 

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