May Favorites

1)Going to the pool
I love going to the pool with Gabby. We go a lot, and now that summer break is only a couple of days away we will probably go everyday. It's fun to toss a football in the pool, and to race each other in the pool. Gabs used to swim so she always beats me, but hopefully I can catch up to her when we race this summer. Also don't I look really hot in this pic? Haha my confidence is too high.

Guys I'm literally addicted to Pinterest, It gives me so many ideas and vibes. It's like a bunch of mood boards, and then I can look at them when I'm feeling a certain vibe. Like if I want summer vibes I can just go to my summer board. It's just fun to look at all the pictures.

I really love yoga. It's probably my 2nd favorite fitness health related activity to do. Of course running is my first. But yoga really clears my mind, and eases me mentally, and physically. Also guys can we just talk about how much I love shavasana at the end of yoga class. In yoga it's all stretching, and breathing which is very healthy for you. I should do a whole post about why you should do yoga. But before then I'm going to convince you to do it now. So here are some benefits!
-Increased Flexibility
-Increased muscle tone and strength
-Improved respiration, energy, and vitality
 -Maintains a balanced metabolism
-Reduces weight
-Helps manage stress
-Creates mental clarity and calmness
-Cardio and circulatory health
-You become more connected to the earth
-Increases the body''s awareness
-Improved athletic performance
-Protection from injury.

There's more benefits then this by the way, but I'm just listing some. Anyways I'll preach about it later.

I totally don't have a photo of me running so I'm just going to put a picture of tennis shoes. You know I actually got real running shoes yesterday, and when I ran in them a little bit, I was like wow. Like they feel really nice compared to my tennis shoes that I was running in. Anyways I love running, I just had to mention it again because it makes me feel so good. It's starting to be one of those things that I just have to do otherwise I will feel weird.

I've been trying to get a tan since it's starting to become summer, and it's sort of working out, but not much. I have tan lines, but I only look a tad bit darker. So I'm trying to up my tan game. Once it's summer break I'll actually have time to tan, so I'll get a tan, I just have to give it time. Then when I get a tan I'll be hype.


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