June Favorites

1)Still going to the pool
I still love going to the pool, I go practically everyday. It's so fun! I've been having to wash my hair more which is the only downside of going to the pool at lot, but it's totally worth it!

2)Spoonfuls of peanut butter
I don't know why this is becoming my thing, but I'm starting to get obsessed with peanut butter for some reason. It just smells and tastes so good. I usually get a spoon out, and eat it from the spoonful. I also eat it in other ways too through.

3)The trip to Charleston
Our course the Charleston trip made it to my favorites, It was just so fun. If you haven't checked out my Charleston post, go read it. Just scroll a little bit down on my home page, and you will find it.

I got on Netflix guys, and now it's awesome. My friend Gabby told me about how I should be on her account, and now I'm on. We both are under the same person, that way we can both see what each other watch, and we talk about it sometimes. It's funny because we can both see what the other person is watching. #howyouknowyou'rebestfriends. Also guys I have to recommend a show, it's called Riverdale. It's really good, and will surprise you, and have you on edge the whole time. I'm not going to be giving out too many details, that way I don't spoil it, but it's about a murder case. 

5)Cheesy pasta
Every time that I make pasta I always have to make this cheesy pasta. Basically you boil the pasta, and then once it's done you add some mozzarella cheese, and Parmesan cheese. Then some butter, and salt. Then you mix it all together, and it makes the best tasting pasta ever.

I've really been enjoying skateboarding, it's really fun. There is a new greenway that is being connected to the greenway right by my house, so I've been going on both greenways. I love the new greenway because the pavement is really smooth, and it makes it a smoother ride. The new greenway is actually right behind my high school too, so in the future when I have cross country practice I could just take the greenway to get there if I want.


  1. Love all your blogs Courtney, can't wait for the next one!!

  2. Planning on publishing this post tomorrow! Loved reading yours!

    Have a lovely day,
    xx Kris