How to pack light for vacation

Hey guys I thought I might do a post about how to pack light for vacation, because I am going to Charleston on Tuesday for a two day trip. It will just be me, and my mom who are going to Charleston because my family worked out a deal. It was either go on vacation or get a bike, and I chose going on vacation over the bike. My brother got a bike, and he's staying back. And my dad likes staying behind on the vacations anyways, and I can just use his bike when I want to. So it all works out. Originally we were going to go to Emerald Isle, but it's going to be raining when we wanted to go, so instead we're going to Charleston. It will be raining in Charleston too on the days we are going, but we don't think it's a big deal because Charleston is all about the art galleries, food, and shopping. I'm very excited, and so is my mom. I've never been to Charleston so this will be a good experience. From the photos I saw, it is very pretty there, and I like the architecture. 

You may think you need a ton of stuff when packing for vacation, but what if I told you that you only need a few basics. A lot of us make the excuse that we need something when packing. You may say to yourself, "that's just in case if we go here", or "lets bring this just in case it gets cold". We all make those excuses to stuff our bags to the brim. But if you look past all those maybes, you will be able to pack less. So here are some packing tips to help you pack light. 

When you pack only what you think you will use it eliminates the sense of packing things that you know you won't use. Actually when I was younger I would pack a giant duffel bag for only a two day vacation, and I enjoyed packing a ton of extra stuff, even though I didn't use it. It was like my entertainment, and now fast forward when I pack for a two day trip, all I take is my backpack. This tip would have helped me a lot when I was younger. 

Long trips cause you to stuff your suitcases full of too many things. But you can prevent this by only packing for a week. I know no one really wants to do laundry over vacation, but it is a way to save luggage space. That way you can just reuse the same clothing, and wash it. What happens a lot of the time with stuff like toiletries, you usually end up packing more toiletries than you actually need, so it will be hard to run out of product in the first place. But then if you run out you can go to the local store to pick up more of a product if you run out of something. With toiletries, most hotels provide basic things like shampoo, and conditioner, and soap, so if your hotel offers that then you really don't have to worry about packing those basic things. 

Plan ahead on what shoes you want to wear, check the temperature, and pick what shoes your going to wear depending on what you will be doing on vacation. What I usually do is wear one pair of shoes for the whole trip, that way I don't have to have shoes taking up extra space. I know in some situations, you will need two pairs of shoes, so just pack accordingly based on the conditions. Lets say you do what I do, where you only have one pair of shoes on vacation, make sure that they are versatile for all situations. Not just for one dinner, or one day at the pool, if you know what I mean. 

A lot of people carry around extra stuff in their wallet or purse that they may not actually need for the vacation. So to save space in your bag, only pack what is essential for the vacation. Especially for girls this tip applies the most because woman usually always have their purse filled full of stuff that they don't even know is in there. So only carrying what is essential is a very liberating feeling, and it's good to only have what you essentially need. 

This tip actually works because it makes you evaluate what you're going to pack more since you have less space to work with. I tried this, and it actually made me think more decisively about the stuff that I was packing for vacation. Packing a smaller, and more light bag also feels very liberating, and it creates a mental sense of freedom in a way. 

That was all my tips for packing light, get excited for a Charleston travel diary post coming up next week. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys next week!

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