The Benefit Of Running

Hey guys so if you already didn't know that I'm getting into running, well now you know. I have noticed a difference ever since I've started running. So let's start with the benefits of running. 

-Prevents disease
-Improve your overall health
-Helps you lose weight
-Boosts your confidence
-Relieves stress
-Eliminates depression
-Makes you happier
-Helps you get fit
-It helps strengthen your bones in your legs
-Reduces your risk of cancer
-You can make new friends if you get involved in a running group or team
-You can do it anywhere
-You have an excuse to eat carbs if you like carbs
-You live longer
-Better memory
-Gives you a natural glow
-Boosts your energy
-You can get walking the dog over with
-You can sleep better
-Your stamina increases
-You can run your whole life

Now who wouldn't want those benefits? All of those benefits I've felt since I've started running. Running makes me feel so good, and I just feel more energized and happier. It's my outlet for stress relief, and even when I'm not stressed I still run. I love running so much that I'll run in the rain, in the blazing heat, and even in the cold. It's just so enjoyable that I had to make a post about it, and hopefully this post inspires more people to run.

Also guys since I enjoy running so much I decided to start running cross country for my school next year. I'm excited to start running with a team, and hopefully I make new friends from cross country. I already know a couple people on the team, and I've talked to them before and all that, so I think it will be easy to make friends, and ease into the team. There is no cuts, so basically I'm automatically on the team if I want to be there. I've also already started following the workout schedule for team, and pretty much the schedule is 1 day on, then 1 then off, and repeat. And when I do run, I run three miles. So I run 3 miles every other day, and I don't really struggle with it. I don't breathe hard, or get tired out that much. But I do need to work on my pacing a bit. Running is just so fun, and I think I've really found my outlet, which is good. So yeah I'm excited.

Anyways I will see you guys next week with a new post! I hope I inspired some of you guys to run, because it's very beneficial.

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  1. Love this post! you literally just motivate me to go exercise hahaha. Do you want to support each other’s blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


    1. Thank you Hilary! I'm glad I motivated you to exercise. Of course I'll follow your blog. We can both inspire each other!