The Benefit Of Running

Hey guys so if you already didn't know that I'm getting into running, well now you know. I have noticed a difference ever since I've started running. So let's start with the benefits of running. 

-Prevents disease
-Improve your overall health
-Helps you lose weight
-Boosts your confidence
-Relieves stress
-Eliminates depression
-Makes you happier
-Helps you get fit
-It helps strengthen your bones in your legs
-Reduces your risk of cancer
-You can make new friends if you get involved in a running group or team
-You can do it anywhere
-You have an excuse to eat carbs if you like carbs
-You live longer
-Better memory
-Gives you a natural glow
-Boosts your energy
-You can get walking the dog over with
-You can sleep better
-Your stamina increases
-You can run your whole life

Now who wouldn't want those benefits? All of those benefits I've felt since I've started running. Running makes me feel so good, and I just feel more energized and happier. It's my outlet for stress relief, and even when I'm not stressed I still run. I love running so much that I'll run in the rain, in the blazing heat, and even in the cold. It's just so enjoyable that I had to make a post about it, and hopefully this post inspires more people to run.

Also guys since I enjoy running so much I decided to start running cross country for my school next year. I'm excited to start running with a team, and hopefully I make new friends from cross country. I already know a couple people on the team, and I've talked to them before and all that, so I think it will be easy to make friends, and ease into the team. There is no cuts, so basically I'm automatically on the team if I want to be there. I've also already started following the workout schedule for team, and pretty much the schedule is 1 day on, then 1 then off, and repeat. And when I do run, I run three miles. So I run 3 miles every other day, and I don't really struggle with it. I don't breathe hard, or get tired out that much. But I do need to work on my pacing a bit. Running is just so fun, and I think I've really found my outlet, which is good. So yeah I'm excited.

Anyways I will see you guys next week with a new post! I hope I inspired some of you guys to run, because it's very beneficial.

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My favorite skincare products

Hey guys, so I was going to do a post on how to make a strawberry banana smoothie(it's currently been my obsession), but then somehow I lost my pictures that I had taken for the recipe, so I'm going to do a different post this week, and it's going to be about my favorite skincare products that I've been using. I thought this would be a good alternative because I don't really post about beauty that much, and it's good to change it up, so here we go!! Also all the skincare in this post is vegan!!!!!!!

1)Trader Joe's spa face wash with tea tree oil
This face wash is great. I use it every night, and every time I use it my face feels very moisturized and clean. Also guys isn't it surprising how almost the entire bottle is full, but yet I use it every night. This is because you only need a little tiny bit when you use it. When I didn't know that you should only use a little bit, I found myself squirting a whole pump on my hand, and I would use it, and my skin would be dry after, so if you're going to use this product, be careful not to squirt too much. But other than that. this face wash is great. 

2)Pacifica hot vegan probiotic and spice rehab mask
This face mask is so great guys! Whenever my skin feels really gross and oily, I just slap some of this on for 10 minutes and it really makes a difference. This face mask isn't your average face mask because it's not thick. It's almost like a water gel, it's clear, and liquidy. I like how it's different from your average face mask. It leaves my face feeling soft and motorized.

3)Sibu sea berry therapy hydrating face serum
Oh my gosh guys this face serum is so good. It so moisturizing and it feels like liquidy gel, and this is almost like moisturizer, but it more thin and liquidy. I use this product after I wash my face and before I moisturize it. It seems like ever since I started using this product my skin has been improving, so I would really recommend this. 

4)Pacifica kale luxe oil-free multi cream
This is my favorite moisturizer. It's creamy and smells like a fresh greens mixed with a sweet kind of smell. After using this product my skin feels so soft and creamy. This is good for people that have acne prone skin, because it will make your skin less oily. Honestly the smell is the best part of this product. I just love putting it on my face because it smells so good. This moisturizer has a thick and creamy texture which makes it feel like it's doing the job. And it sure does do the job!

That's it for my post, thanks for reading. And come back next week for another post!!!

Spring Lookbook

1)Coffee breakfast

2)Vintage flea market

3)Chillin with the gab

4)Gotta get that tan

5)Mornings at the pond