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April Favorites

Long time no see. I've been busy with school, and I've honestly forgotten to post for a couple weeks because I was thinking of other tasks. Oops. At least I remembered this week. But for reals my posting schedule may be a little weird until summer break, just because there's a lot going on with school and all that. But anyways time to get into this. 
1)Going to the strawberry farm Since it's strawberry season, that means it's time to go get a nice batch of juicy strawberry's from Hunt's strawberry farm. Me and my mom go to Hunt's strawberry farm every weekend and pick strawberries. Guys I gotta tell you, once you go pick your own strawberries, you will never buy store bought strawberries again. Hunt's strawberries taste almost 100% more better than store bought strawberries. Not trying to bash on store bought strawberries too much, but they don't even really taste like anything. Organic, farm grown, fresh strawberries that you can pick yourself…

3 Delicious vegan recipies

1)Banana Peanut butter ice cream Ingredients: -3 frozen bananas -Water -2 spoonfuls of peanut butter Steps: 1)Peel 3 bananas and pop them in the freezer overnight 2)Take them out 8-10 hours later and let the bananas dethaw for 15 minutes
3)Pop all the ingredients in the blender
4)Blend until it reaches a thick, but not too thick texture
2)Berry delight cereal Ingredients:
-Berry medley mix
-1 banana
-1 kiwi
-A couple of blackberries
-Orange juice
-Green super food
Steps: 1)Cut up the kiwi into 7 or 8 slices, you will use these to decorate it
2)Put a couple spoonfuls of berry medley into the blender. Also add in the banana, the orange juice, and a half scoop of green superfood.
3)Blend all the ingredients together
4)Put the smoothie in a bowl and then add your slices of kiwi on the sides of the bowl
5)Add the blackberries in the middle

3)Fruit bowl
-1 orange
-1 banana
-1 kiwi
1)Just cut it up and put it in a bowl, it's pretty self explanatory

March Favorites

1)Eating more "vegetarian/vegan"
I've been trying to be vegetarian and a little vegan, but I'm not fully committed to it or anything. I'm really enjoying it, and I've been eating lots of fruit and it's just so good. It just feels so good to know that I'm not supporting animal cruelty. Like yeah I'll still eat some chicken and all that every now and then, but I'm just eating meat and dairy less. I noticed that everything has become easier to digest, I feel more lightweight, and I have more energy. Also guys, get excited because I want to put some vegan food recipes on my blog that are really good.

2)My planner
I love my planner!! It helps me organize all my school assignments, and I can write down what I need to do for the day. All I have to do is check my planner and then boom I know what I have to do. I like how it has a day planner and a calendar, that way I can keep up with daily and monthly things.

3)Protein shakes
Protein shakes are awes…