How to start living a more healthier lifestyle

Health should be your number one priority. You know why? Because you know you want to get the most out of life, and be happy. If you're healthy you're happy. Mental and physical health will boost your confidence and self love, and make you more happier. You will feel better if you're taking small steps to living a healthier life. You don't have to dive in and work hard at it immediately, you can, but taking small steps is good because you won't get overwhelmed. Ask yourself, do you want to live healthier and happier?

1)Try to include physical activity in your routine
Physical activity is essential for your body because you will have better mental health. you will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. You will also have more control over your weight. Your ability to do daily activities will increase. And you will strengthen your muscles and bones. Ever since I started working out I have felt so much better, and my mental health has increased dramatically, I feel more confident in myself, and I feel great that I'm taking care of my body.

2)Try to eat healthier
Healthy eating is also essential for a long lasting, fulfilled life. According to, "More research is finding that a nutritious diet isn't just good for the body; it's great for the brain, too. The knowledge is giving rise to a concept called "nutritional (or food) psychiatry." Eating healthy has many health benefits, but it also improves your mental health. By eating healthy you'll know the amazing benefits that you'll be doing for yourself, and you will be happier in the long run. You can start trying to be healthier by eliminating sugar from your diet, eating more non processed food, and start eating more raw food, and whole foods.

3)Try to eliminate stress from your lifestyle by redefining success
Most of us live busy, work filled lives. We work hard to have a good future and achieve "success". When most people think of success they think of having lots of money, having the biggest house, having nice clothes, and the best car. We stress ourselves out over it, but we really don't have to. Because the word success is truly not that. Success should be based on happiness, health, relationships, and the quality of life experiences. By not overworking ourselves to achieve social status, we can live a more stress-free life. According to, "We spend 57% of our waking time at work during a working life of 46 years." Now think about it what are you really working for? If it's  for the American ideal of success, you're really working for your own unfulfillment. So try to relax a little bit, don't overwork yourself, and live a more minimalistic life.

4)Try to become a minimalist
In the paragraph above I briefly explained a minimalistic value. But I didn't go into detail about what a minimalistic life is so now I will. So minimalism is living a more fulfilling, happier life with less. Less clutter, less stress, less distractions, less unfulfilling things, and more time, more freedom, more meaningful relationships, and more enjoyment. You can live a more fulfilling life by letting go of all the bad relationships, stuff you don't use or get joy from, and also the things that cause you to be unfulfilled. First you can start by eliminating the physical items that you don't use or that you don't get joy from, this removes the excess from your life. The 2nd step would be to start getting rid of bad habits and bad relationships, or anything that causes you to be unfulfilled, and start adding good relationships and habits. Then the last step is to keep it that way.

5)Start trying to live more in the moment
Living in the moment improves your mental health because you're not worrying about the future or the past. You're just focusing on right now, and living in the moment. This helps you get the most out of life because you're focusing on what needs to be focused on right now. Researchers have also found that people who live in the now are happier, more optimistic, less depressed, and more satisfied with life overall.

That's all my tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle I hope you guys can try to incorporate these things into your lifestyle. Have a good day, and I'll see you guys next week with a new post.

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