Sharing some poems that I wrote

I'm so sorry for slacking on my posting. I have been lazy. But I promise I will get back to my regular posting schedule(every Friday). So now I wanted to share some poems, because the last time I shared things that I wrote it mostly stories, so now I'm changing it up. Also look at how cute my dog looks in the image above.

A Hue of Blue

A little who
In the little who town hollered a coo
hollering that the snooper is blue
The snooper oh he was a hue

He was a hue of blue
he was an ew
Because he scared everyone in the town of who’s
every year he cried boo

He cried about his stew
And it really upset the who’s
But who would stop him from hollering about his stew
Because he sure is a hue of blue

Maybe the rooper would stop the coo’s
Maybe the rooper would take the snooper to the zoo
And that’s what he did he that snooper to the slew
Oh it sure was a slew but that’s what he gets for being a hue
A hue of blue

Inky, Blue paradise

Have you ever loved someone for real?
The real kind of love?

The kind of love that keeps you thinking
The kind of love that leaves your heart aching
The kind of love that makes you go insane
The kind of love when you feel like you’re a million feet underwater
Grasping for air but still being able to breathe

I know how real love feels like
And the problem is that I only love you

As soon as I saw you I tripped and fell instantly
I fell deep into a dark, inky blue paradise
The more I fell, the more I lost my mind
And once I hit the bottom
I was completely crazy

I stayed at the bottom for a while
I was mad in love and barely knew what was real or not
But I sure knew my love for you was real

Slowly, as time went by, I started to regain my sanity
And I started hearing less voices
I was slowly floating back to the surface
I was unsure of why I was floating back
It happened as unexpectedly as me falling deep

It’s been a long journey but I think I have reached the surface
I can see the golden sunlight again and breathe in the fresh air
I have almost gained all of my sanity back
Whether I’m sane or not, I’ll keep loving you

You Are Outer Space

You are outer space.
Your skin is made of stardust and your eyes as vast as a wormhole
Both glitter Like shooting stars
moments before they disappear beyond the horizon

Your smile
Explodes like a supernova
Unforeseen but all at once
Spreading out everywhere and filling everywhere with its beauty

You are unknown.
Almost all of you is not known
Not even the greatest explorer could reach you
Because you are from out of this world

Your hands are constellations
Made up of many lines and imperfections
I wish I could trace all the lines that make up your constellation
And hold your hand in mine pleasantly and tightly

You are outer space.
You are unexplored
You are gargantuan
You are prepossessing

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