First snow of 2017

It snowed and we had no school for three days! So you know what I did, I went sledding and sat around and did nothing. On here I just wanted to share the photos that I took when I was enjoying the snow. 

The greenway near my house looked really pretty with all the snow. 

I don't know what pose I'm making in this photo but I guess I'll call it the snowman pose. 

And of course, I had to do a closeup of a pine tree, just for photography purposes. 

I loved cozying up in my socks.

I really like this photo, I feel like this mini mountain screams "climb me".

And this is the mast photo of me, all the rest are landscape photos. 

I really like this photo too because it has depth. 

Then this last one is of the pond, it looks foggy. 

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