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January Favorites

1)Taking baths I've been loving baths this month, they are so great when you are cold, and you can just warm up in the bath. I love to use lush products in the bath, even though they are a little bit expensive. I enjoy the bubble bars, and bath bombs a lot. It's just so nice to relax in a hot bubble bath. I actually got "hot bath nausea" one time because the water was so hot. So if you're going to take a bath make sure you don't turn the water too hot. 
2)Twisted Peppermint Lotion I've been using this lotion like crazy and it smells so good! Auntie Marilyn got this for me for Christmas and I love it so much. It's a  really good winter smell.
3)Cuddling my Nugget This is always a favorite but it seems like during the colder months it's more of a favorite. My puppy is just so warm and cozy and I love her so much. She also gets away with everything because she's so cute! I just wanted to put this in here because there can never be enough nugget …

A minimalistic aproach to buying things

So as you guys know I'm a minimalist. Or you may not know. But anyways today I'm going to be talking about a minimalist approach to buying things. So let's refresh on minimalism real quick. Minimalism is living a more rich life with less. It's having time to focus on the important things. You can focus on the important things by getting rid of the stuff/relationships that don't give you joy or that you don't use.

Understanding what you need and what you don't need
A lot of people make the excuse that they "need" something when it's actually just a want, and they will buy it. It's okay to want things, everyone wants things. But we have to be able to distinguish wants vs needs. This will help you make better decisions when it comes to how you spend your money. We all know pretty much what we need and don't need so when it comes to buying things focus on only the things that you need. But if you find something else it's okay to treat …

First snow of 2017

It snowed and we had no school for three days! So you know what I did, I went sledding and sat around and did nothing. On here I just wanted to share the photos that I took when I was enjoying the snow. 
The greenway near my house looked really pretty with all the snow. 
I don't know what pose I'm making in this photo but I guess I'll call it the snowman pose. 
And of course, I had to do a closeup of a pine tree, just for photography purposes. 
I loved cozying up in my socks.
I really like this photo, I feel like this mini mountain screams "climb me".
And this is the mast photo of me, all the rest are landscape photos. 
I really like this photo too because it has depth. 
Then this last one is of the pond, it looks foggy. 

Sharing some poems that I wrote

I'm so sorry for slacking on my posting. I have been lazy. But I promise I will get back to my regular posting schedule(every Friday). So now I wanted to share some poems, because the last time I shared things that I wrote it mostly stories, so now I'm changing it up. Also look at how cute my dog looks in the image above.
A Hue of Blue
A little who In the little who town hollered a coo hollering that the snooper is blue The snooper oh he was a hue
He was a hue of blue he was an ew Because he scared everyone in the town of who’s every year he cried boo
He cried about his stew And it really upset the who’s But who would stop him from hollering about his stew Because he sure is a hue of blue
Maybe the rooper would stop the coo’s Maybe the rooper would take the snooper to the zoo And that’s what he did he that snooper to the slew Oh it sure was a slew but that’s what he gets for being a hue A hue of blue
Inky, Blue paradise
Have you ever loved someone for real? The real kind of love?