November Favorites

1)Getting hype for Christmas
Christmas is coming and that means that I'm hype. We decorated the house the day before Thanksgiving and it just makes me so happy to see that Christmas is coming. It's crazy how fast this year went by It's literally December. I've can't stop talking about Christmas because I just love it so much. Now I will shush about it now.

Thanksgiving was really fun, I ate too much through. The food is obviously the best part of Thanksgiving. I wrote a whole post about thanksgiving so check it out, it's the post before this.

3)Peppermint lotion
I've been using this lotion everyday, and it just puts me in the winter spirit, It smells really good and I just love smelling like winter.

I've been getting into creating YouTube videos. I did my first vlog and I guess it's pretty cool. I want to start doing YouTube videos because it just intrests me, and I want to share my life with the internet. Come check out my channel. Also Subscribe to my channel.

5)How to Grinch Stole Christmas Movie
This is my favorite Christmas Movie, and It's a tradition of mine to watch this every year around Christmas time. I just love how it's like a real life kind of grinch, like not a cartoon if you know what I mean. It just puts me in the Christmas spirit, I feel like I'm a who in whoville because I love Christmas so much haha. If you are looking for a good Christmas movie, watch this.

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