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Christmas Lookbook

1)Squad is ready
2)You really think I'm going to do anything over holiday break
3)Christmas Parade with Sarah
4)When can we open the presents?!
5)When you try to take cute photos for Christmas but then your dog photobombs
5)"You better not eat all the potato casserole"
6)He deserves it
7)I'm a reindeer

Christmas room tour

My dresser (this is what you see when you first walk in) This is a closeup of the stuff on my dresser This is another close up of my dresser My bed A closeup of my bed My nightstand My lamp stand thing This cute sign is hanging on the wall that contains my nightstand My mirror  Here is my beanbag on the floor right next to my dresser My bookshelf (which is not used to store books) I love this snowman head light I also have this cute little plate thing on my wall above my mirror.

And that is pretty much my Christmas room. I love how I decorated my room for Christmas this year. Tomorrow my Christmas lookbook will be out. So get ready for that. 

Holiday Guide: Christmas Greenery

Do you want to know how to transform your Christmas greenery for free? In this holiday guide I will tell you how to make your greenery look full and luxurious for little to no cost. So what you will need is some cheap garland from the dollar store, some yard clippings(preferably evergreen, pine, or Christmas tree clippings), ribbon or something like ribbon to secure the garland, and some ornaments or other decorations to put in the garland. 
So first you will lay out your cheap dollar store garland on wherever you want your garland to be. Next thing you will do is get your ribbon and tie the garland to wherever you're putting it. That way when you stick all the yard clippings in it will actually stay. Next you will stick your yard clippings in. You know what I love about using yard clippings is it makes your garland look more real, and it makes it smell good too. Not to mention it's free. You could also use those little Christmas picks that you can get at the store and stick …

November Favorites

1)Getting hype for Christmas Christmas is coming and that means that I'm hype. We decorated the house the day before Thanksgiving and it just makes me so happy to see that Christmas is coming. It's crazy how fast this year went by It's literally December. I've can't stop talking about Christmas because I just love it so much. Now I will shush about it now.

2)Thanksgiving Thanksgiving was really fun, I ate too much through. The food is obviously the best part of Thanksgiving. I wrote a whole post about thanksgiving so check it out, it's the post before this.

3)Peppermint lotion I've been using this lotion everyday, and it just puts me in the winter spirit, It smells really good and I just love smelling like winter.

I've been getting into creating YouTube videos. I did my first vlog and I guess it's pretty cool. I want to start doing YouTube videos because it just intrests me, and I want to share my life with the internet. Come check out my…