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How my thanksgiving was

My Thanksgiving was very nice. I didn't really do anything special, I just hung out at my house. We ate our Thanksgiving lunch/dinner at one o'clock. We made a thirteen pound turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and some bread rolls. I ate a lot. I ate a leg, a wing, two scoops of mashed potatoes with gravy, three bread rolls, and one spoonful of stuffing. My stomach hurt after that for a couple hours. But it was all good because that meal was so good! Other than that, I just watched YouTube, painted my nails, and worked on my sign language video.  Now that Thanksgiving is over, there is only thirty more days til Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday. My favorite things about Christmas is the amazing food that my mom makes, Listening to Christmas music, giving presents to people, decorating for Christmas, watching my puppy open all the presents with her mouth(it's the cutest thing ever), watching Christmas movies, and the presents of course. For the next couple of wee…

How to cozy up for the cold seasons

It is the season of cozy! Now you don't want to be that one person who is always cold right? So here in this guide I will tell you step by step on how you can cozy up for the colder seasons
Step 1: Make sure you have enough warmth in your house Houses can get freezing during the colder seasons, especially if  the heat is not always on. You can cozy up and get warm by having extra blankets laying around, and also wearing a robe or super cozy PJ's. Honestly being warm under a blanket is the definition of fall and winter(at least it is to me).

Step 2: Wear cute fall and winter clothes I find myself feeling more cozy when I'm wearing a cute fall or winter outfit. Maybe It's just because I'm a girl but like aye I get cold so easily so I need to wear those extra layers.

Step 3: Listen to Holiday music 
Let me tell you I'm obsessed with Christmas music and it puts me in that cozy mood that I love. But it also leaves me with getting hype for Christmas on November 1st. I&…

Fall lookbook

1) Raking leaves
2)Morning hike in the mountains

3)I'm a turkey
4)Rooster vibes

Trip to Asheville, NC

As you guys may or may not know, I went to Asheville this month! And now it's time to share the vacation with everyone. This vacation was so fun, and I just love being in the mountains. I've always wanted to live in the mountains, and go to college in the mountains(Appalachian State), so being there for three days was pretty fun. We stayed in a cute little log cabin in the woods, and it was so cozy. The vacation was really relaxing and it was awesome seeing the beautiful sights.

Day 1
We drove up to Asheville, and got there around eleven o'clock. Once we got there we settled into our cabin for an hour or so. Then we decided to go get some lunch at twelve bones. Let me tell you guys, twelve bones is to die for. I ate six ribs, some mac and cheese, and some green beans. I was packed once I finished eating. After we were done eating we realized that twelve bones is in the same area as the artist studios there. So we decided to check out the art studios, there…