The beauty of life

Life. We all live life. Lots of people choose to live with little to no meaning. Imagine a life filled with passion, meaning, and contentment. Now picture your life right now. Is it waking up, going to work/school, coming home, and going to sleep. That is how most people's lives go. There is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you end up working an unfulfilled, crappy job to try to make ends meat. Unfulfillment is common in how we are as people. So to get fulfilled we look for more. More money, more success, more stuff. So we work longer hours to achieve more, and the whole reason why we keep wanting more is because we are unfulfilled with what we have now. 

But what if I told you that you could be fulfilled. You can. If you appreciate the things you have now, you don't always have to be looking for more. Because less is more. If you take the simple concept of less, the more you will get out of life. The less stuff you have, the less space you need to live in. And by having less stuff you save money on living arrangements, since you will be in a smaller space. By also having a small space with less stuff, you can have more free time because you won't have to work all day to stay where you live and you won't be consuming as much since you're in a small space. By having more free time, you will have more time focus on your passion. What are you passionate about?

By having more free time, you can focus on the beauty of life. I think the beauty of life is truly appreciating every small thing in life, having time to think, and living with lots of contentment and passion. It's staring at a flower and thinking about how pretty it looks, and taking a photo of it because it's that pretty. And waking up with a smile because you know you will have time to go on a walk. I think everything about life is beautiful, but I think natural things are the prettiest. Like the sunset or a warm smile on someones face. What does the beauty of life mean to you? 

Honestly life itself is a gift, a lot of people take life for granted because they don't struggle with a life threatening thing. A lot of cancer patients live everyday like it's their last, and they will still put a smile on their face even know they know it could be the end. I think we should all live everyday like it's our last because we as people, will get a lot out of life from that. We only get a short amount of time on this earth, so the time that we are here, we should enjoy it, and live with lots of contentment. 

You know what makes me realize the beauty of life the most? It's going outside on a walk. Going on a walk gets to me the most when it comes to beauty. I live near a big field, and a small pond. I love going around that area because it's so pretty to stand on the dock and stare out at the lake while the sun is setting. I also stand on top of a medium-size, dirt mountain and look at the field or pond from above. The dirt mountain is probably thirty feet high and it's really cool to look at everything from a higher elevation. I've been getting back into photography, and I just love taking photos of nature, and just the simple things in life. It makes me appreciate everything more. So I encourage all of you reading this to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. And to also look around at your surroundings and find the beauty in it. 

Appreciating life is important, even if you got a busy schedule. Try to find time to think and to witness your surroundings. And to most of all live contented, passionate lives. 

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