Tips to help get through an artist block

Artist blocks suck! Let me tell you I've been having an artist block for a month and I just lost all inspiration to paint. But I found some things that help spark that creativity again. 

Picking up that brush again even through your not feeling it
No matter how much you don't want to paint just force yourself to pick up that paintbrush. I painted on the back of my sketchbook a week ago and when I did I was like "wow let's force myself to paint more often". I was not feeling inspired at all but I did it anyway. I feel like the more you push yourself, the more you can breakthrough. This pretty much goes for anything, not just painting. 

If you can't think of an idea just start drawing whatever comes to mind and by the end of your drawing session you are likely to have an idea. This is usually what I do when I don't have an idea or I look back at my old sketches and that usually inspires me. 

Look at photos/Take photos
Sometimes just looking at photos of random things can inspire us. Photos truly do spark ideas and memories. I do this all the time, and usually once I'm done looking back at the photos I have ideas on what to paint. You know another thing that works is going out and taking reference photos for paintings and it kinda sparks your creativity again. 

Look at other people's artwork
Looking at other people's artwork can help spark your creativity and get you inspired to paint again. The thing about looking at other people's art is that you sometimes compare it to yours and you critique their work. This can help you get a good grasp of what they did and it maybe also might inspire you to use certain elements of their work in your own work.

Know that it is okay to have an artist block, it happens to all artists
Having an artist block does not make you any less of a painter it just means you're losing ideas or the passion. Our minds can't always be exploding with creativity, we all have our ups and downs, that is just being human. As long as you believe your going to paint again then you will. 

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