The real purpose of minimalism

I have noticed that some people think minimalism has to do with the stuff we have. That that is the only thing that minimalism has to with. This is partially true but not completely because minimalism is what you get out of living your life with less, stuff is also just an element of minimalism. How might your life be better with less? Just ask yourself that and see where that question takes you. Honestly there is a ton of benefits to minimalism. These are the benefits that are also listed in my first post about minimalism.
*It eliminates our disconnect
 *Have more time
*live in the moment
*More freedom
*Your space looks more appealing
*Pursue your passions
*More confidence
*Easier to clean your place
*You're happier
*Grow as individuals
*Spend less money
*Less greedy
*Focus on our health
*Contribute beyond ourselves
*Set an example
*Not tied to the past
*Find things easier
*Less stress
*Discover the purpose in our lives

Minimalism is a tool that you can use to focus on the important things. By making deliberate decisions, you can focus on the important things in life. What are the important things in your life? 

Once you figure out whats important you can use minimalism as a tool to help you focus on the important things more. You can start small or just go big. For example you can start eliminating the stuff that does not bring you joy, and the stuff that you don't use. We are a consumer driven society so simply donating the stuff that you don't get value from will give joy to another person's life, and help you focus on the important things instead of status, and how much you got. Since minimalism is not just about stuff, try to minimize the bad areas in your life, and try to improve yourself. You get the point it's all about living a more meaningful life with less. But if you want to live a more meaningful life, you have to take action right now. 

It seems like every new years people will say, "I'm going to workout more this year". But 90% of the time they will stop working out within a couple of weeks. The truth is that if you want to accomplish something you have to start working on it right away and stop making excuses to not do it. If you want to be a minimalist, you have to start now. If you want to live life with meaning and passion, start now. Minimalism is just a tool, and it's a great tool. You can use it how you would like to.

The true purpose of minimalism is living with more meaning and not being distracted by all the stuff in our lives. By living with less we can focus on all the important things. Truly less is more. 

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