September favorites

1)Decorating for fall
Since fall has officially started I have my decorations out. Man let me tell you guys fall is my favorite season and my room just screams fall right now. Decorating for fall puts me in the cozy fall mood and it makes me really relaxed.

2)Snuggling with sea lion
I always cuddle my puppy a lot but this month I've noticed that I've been cuddling my puppy more than usual. I think it's because she is really warm and it's finally getting cold outside so I'm cuddling her more. I mean I don't know but I gotta include sea lion in my September favorites, even through she is always my favorite.

Let me tell you guys have I discovered the amazing taste of coffee this month, specifically iced coffee. I drink coffee only on weekends because I don't have enough time during the weekdays before school to make coffee. This is totally my number one essential when it comes to weekend mornings.

4)Creative writing class
Man I never thought I would mention school in my blog before but here we go. So I'm taking a creative writing class this semester and it is really fun and chill. It is my favorite class because it's just relaxing and does not even feel like an actual class. Everyday at school I look forward to that class, also it's at the end of the day, which I think is the perfect time for that class. I have discovered that I really like writing short stories and poems. Maybe in a future post I should share a short story or something, I think that would be pretty cool. 

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