Inexpensive ways to spice up your space

Using flowers
Flowers brighten up a space very easily because they are so colorful. We have sunflowers in the middle of our kitchen table. The sunflowers are the focal point of the table. The only problem with flowers is that they eventually die. But that was also why fake flowers were invented.

Change the furniture around
Changing around your furniture creates a whole new look for free. Now you may be thinking "this is going to be a pain in the ass". But really it's not, all you need is someone to assist you, or if your furniture is light enough you can move it on your own. I do this all the time, for example I moved a table out of my closet a couple weeks ago because I wanted to start storing my shoes at the top of the closest instead of on the table. Let me tell you my closest looks ten times better without that table.

Create your own artwork
You can create your own artwork by simply buying a canvas, creating a design on that canvas, and hanging it on your wall. This really changes up your wall space and it's a way to be creative. This idea is also fun because you can create your own work of art. I wonder if any of the people reading this have seen those really modern decor pieces that go for two hundred dolllers and it's literally just splattered paint. Maybe? But anyways why would you want to pay that price for modern art when you can create your own for ten times less. 

Clean your room!
I know this one sounds stupid but cleaning your room creates a fresh look and it makes you feel productive since you cleaned. One thing that I like to do to clean is remove all the stuff on the tabletops and put it somewhere else that way it eliminates the clutter.

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