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September favorites

1)Decorating for fall Since fall has officially started I have my decorations out. Man let me tell you guys fall is my favorite season and my room just screams fall right now. Decorating for fall puts me in the cozy fall mood and it makes me really relaxed.
2)Snuggling with sea lion I always cuddle my puppy a lot but this month I've noticed that I've been cuddling my puppy more than usual. I think it's because she is really warm and it's finally getting cold outside so I'm cuddling her more. I mean I don't know but I gotta include sea lion in my September favorites, even through she is always my favorite.

3)Coffee Let me tell you guys have I discovered the amazing taste of coffee this month, specifically iced coffee. I drink coffee only on weekends because I don't have enough time during the weekdays before school to make coffee. This is totally my number one essential when it comes to weekend mornings.

4)Creative writing class Man I never thought I woul…

The real purpose of minimalism

I have noticed that some people think minimalism has to do with the stuff we have. That that is the only thing that minimalism has to with. This is partially true but not completely because minimalism is what you get out of living your life with less, stuff is also just an element of minimalism. How might your life be better with less? Just ask yourself that and see where that question takes you. Honestly there is a ton of benefits to minimalism. These are the benefits that are also listed in my first post about minimalism. *It eliminates our disconnect
 *Have more time *live in the moment
*More freedom
*Your space looks more appealing *Pursue your passions
*More confidence
*Easier to clean your place *You're happier *Grow as individuals
*Spend less money
*Less greedy *Focus on our health *Contribute beyond ourselves
*Set an example *Not tied to the past *Find things easier
*Less stress *Discover the purpose in our lives
Minimalism is a tool that you can use to focus on the importan…

Tips to help get through an artist block

Artist blocks suck! Let me tell you I've been having an artist block for a month and I just lost all inspiration to paint. But I found some things that help spark that creativity again. 
Picking up that brush again even through your not feeling it No matter how much you don't want to paint just force yourself to pick up that paintbrush. I painted on the back of my sketchbook a week ago and when I did I was like "wow let's force myself to paint more often". I was not feeling inspired at all but I did it anyway. I feel like the more you push yourself, the more you can breakthrough. This pretty much goes for anything, not just painting. 
Sketch If you can't think of an idea just start drawing whatever comes to mind and by the end of your drawing session you are likely to have an idea. This is usually what I do when I don't have an idea or I look back at my old sketches and that usually inspires me. 
Look at photos/Take photos Sometimes just looking at photos o…

Inexpensive ways to spice up your space

Using flowers Flowers brighten up a space very easily because they are so colorful. We have sunflowers in the middle of our kitchen table. The sunflowers are the focal point of the table. The only problem with flowers is that they eventually die. But that was also why fake flowers were invented.
Change the furniture around Changing around your furniture creates a whole new look for free. Now you may be thinking "this is going to be a pain in the ass". But really it's not, all you need is someone to assist you, or if your furniture is light enough you can move it on your own. I do this all the time, for example I moved a table out of my closet a couple weeks ago because I wanted to start storing my shoes at the top of the closest instead of on the table. Let me tell you my closest looks ten times better without that table.
Create your own artwork You can create your own artwork by simply buying a canvas, creating a design on that canvas, and hanging it on your wall. This re…