How a day during summer break goes

I wake up at around 7-8 am, so I'm an early bird. I go to bed early so that is probably why I wake up so early. I sometimes eat breakfast and other days I don't,so It depends. The image above is how my bed looks after I wake up.

Usually around 9 am I go out to play Pokemon Go. I like going at this time that way I avoid the heat. I usually just stay in areas around my neighborhood but sometimes I venture more out. I really like to stick to the soccer field and the church because that is near my house. Hitting the poke stops is top priority when I play Pokemon because I run out of items in my bag really quickly.

I'll come home around lunchtime and eat lunch.

After lunch I'll either take a nap or do whatever. I like to stay inside when it's the early afternoon because it's way to hot to go outside. Today I cuddled Snookie doodles and worked on this blogpost that you're reading right now.
Then I eat dinner after the afternoon is over

I like to play Pokemon Go after dinner because that is the time when it really cools down and the sun goes away a little bit.

After I'm done playing Pokemon Go I'll come home and relax a bit and then go to bed.

Since it is summer break I try to find things to fill my time since I'm not old enough to work yet. I literally just turned fifteen on July 27th. 

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