August favorites

1)Working out and being healthy
I have really been enjoying working out and just being as healthy as possible. I feel so great because of  being healthy. I will continue to keep being healthy because I just love it. I look my best and I have gotten stronger and more toned. It's just awesome all around. 

2)My Nike tennis shoes
I have been wearing my tennis shoes everyday since I got them at the beginning of August. I have not had a pair of tennis shoes in what seems like forever and I forgot how comfortable they are. I wear my tennis shoes while I'm working out or just going out and about.

 I get a lot of my nutrients by making smoothies. You can get all your nutrients and vitamins and it would taste almost as good as ice cream. That's why I love smoothies.The things I put in my smoothie is berry medley mix, one banana, wheat germ, and some orange juice.

4)Watching Youtube
Summer break is coming to an end and I'm going back to school on monday. But over summer break I had to fill the time because I'm not old enough to work. So I watched a lot of Youtube. I enjoyed watching home, health, food, and fashion videos. It filled the time and it was entertaining.

5)My hat
I bought this hat yesterday and I love it so much. I have been wanting a baseball hat forever and I finally got one! It's awesome because this one goes with my whole wardrobe. 

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