Things I have learned from being an artist

1)Painting is fun-To me painting is really fun and that is the whole reason why I paint. I enjoy creating a lot and I'm always thinking about what my next painting is going to be. 

2)When you're a beginner painter you think every painting is good. Then once you have been painting for a while you will not like every single one when it's finished.-I think this is because as we keep painting, the more we learn. Once we learn certain things we will analyze our paintings more to see if it looks good and if everything flows. For example-before creating a painting I think about composition, focal point, aerial perspective, etc. I also think it's because I want to create my best work so I put in more effort. 

3)Artist blocks are common-When you're an artist you will come across artist blocks and you will not know what to paint. Then you just sit there and stare at the wall and no ideas come into the mind. It happens all the time. But a tip that I got for this is to sketch. Sketch out whatever comes into your mind. This really works for me. I'll sketch a chair or a cat or something and then sometimes it turns into a painting.  

4)It's really relaxing to paint-Painting really relaxes me and it heals the stress or other things that may prevent me from relaxing. So it's a great way to to destress and just relax. Who wouldn't want to relax? 

5)Art supplies are so expensive-It's like fifteen dollars for a good tube of acrylic paint. Nobody has money for that like we need food on the table. A super helpful tip would be to conserve the art supplies and get a lot of use out of them. 

6)You're always learning new things-There will never be a time when your not learning new things about art because there is just so much to learn. I think this is a good thing because that way we are always growing. 

7)You don't want to compare yourself to other artists that much-If you compare yourself to other artists frequently, your confidence will lower. I did this when I was just beginning to paint. I was doing a cityscape when I was starting to paint again and I was comparing my work to Ken Auster's. I then thought "why can't my art look as good as his". 

8)Always sign your name and date once you finish a painting-Never skip on doing this because it helps you keep track of your progress over time and it is just something that completes the painting. 

9)Change up your subject and experiment with things-If you paint the same thing over and over again you're not experimenting with things and it's good to explore your options in painting. I used to just paint goblins and my dad told me to switch up my subject. So I did and now I'm exploring other options. I'm glad I did because my art improved. 

10)It's hard to make money from art-People don't buy art like how they used to. It's hard to make a career out of it. So I treat it like a hobby. You can make money from it but it's not like it's reliable. I have seen some people do art full time and still make enough money to pay the bills and such. But that is just not that realistic. 

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