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July favorites

1)Pokemon go I'm addicted to Pokemon go and I just love the game. The good thing about Pokemon go is that it gives me exercise. I bike around on my bike most of the time, but sometimes I walk when I play Pokemon. I play the game anywhere from four to six times per day. So yeah I just love it. The image above is just a sneak peek into my Pokemon's. I could talk about Pokemon Go all day but I just gotta sum it up for this post. 
2)Sun bum lip balm(banana flavored) I love the taste of this lipbalm. It just tastes amazing. I just put it on my lips and lick it off. Then repeat. It really has the best flavor ever. 

3)My summer playlist I love listening to my summer playlist. My summer playlist has my favorite songs from last summer and this summer. I love all the music that is on the playlist. Also if you want to check it out, the most recent songs are at the bottom of the playlist. This is the link to go to my summer playlist-


Things I have learned from being an artist

1)Painting is fun-To me painting is really fun and that is the whole reason why I paint. I enjoy creating a lot and I'm always thinking about what my next painting is going to be. 
2)When you're a beginner painter you think every painting is good. Then once you have been painting for a while you will not like every single one when it's finished.-I think this is because as we keep painting, the more we learn. Once we learn certain things we will analyze our paintings more to see if it looks good and if everything flows. For example-before creating a painting I think about composition, focal point, aerial perspective, etc. I also think it's because I want to create my best work so I put in more effort. 
3)Artist blocks are common-When you're an artist you will come across artist blocks and you will not know what to paint. Then you just sit there and stare at the wall and no ideas come into the mind. It happens all the time. But a tip that I got for this is to sketch…

The setup that I use to paint

I'm a painter if you didn't know already. I have a certain setup for my artwork and I thought I would share it.  So I have a giant canvas that is really like a mat that I lay out on my floor. It is great because it gets really messy when I paint and it feels great to know I got coverage for the mess.  This is an example of how my brushes are layed out. Usually there is a couple of brushes in my paint water and then I have other brushes scattered around.  This is where I mix my paints. I use wax paper to mix my paint. I use this as a palette for all the paint that I'm using. I use both sides and recycle it afterwards.  I lean my canvas up against the wall when I paint. I hang up sheets of paper to protect the wall from paint. It is really great. I like how I can just move the hanging paper back in my closet after I'm done using it.  This is how the papers look without the canvas leaning on it. I do adjust the papers based on the canvas size. 
That is pretty much my set…

June favorites

1) New haircut I was combing through my shoulder length hair a few weeks ago. It was really tangled so I decided to cut a few inches off by myself so I wouldn't have to brush it. Then afterwards my mom said it was uneven and nagged me(a lot) to cut it even. So we made a deal. That if  I got my hair cut by a actual hair trimmer I would get batteries. I needed batteries for my camera because my batteries were running low so I just said yes. So when I went to the hair trimmer I found out that I really cut it uneven. So my only option to even it out was to do a bob haircut. So I did a bob haircut. At first  I didn't like it but the more I looked at it the more I started liking it. I really like it now because it's cute, stylish, easy, and I don't even have to brush it. 
2)Deodorant After I workout I always put on crap to smell good and this deodorant is awesome. It smells great and it's longlasting. Sometimes I'll be chillin in my house and then I'm like "…