May favorites

1)Minimalism film
I saw the minimalism film with my mom and it was really good. I liked hearing a bunch of people's stories on how they became minimalists. I liked how the film went into detail about the impact of advertising and also the fast fashion industry. But I do think they could of went into a lot more detail about technology. The documentary gave off the message of living simply and everything that you own should serve a purpose or bring you joy. The film sold out of tickets for Raleigh so I'm just glad we got our tickets right on time. 

2)Doing artwork
I love painting and sketching, so much that I do it almost everyday. I just love creating my own work and it's really fun and relaxing to sit down during the day and create artwork. I get off for summer break in about a week so I will be excited to create art more since I'll have tons of time. 

3)Cheese sticks
Okay usually I don't have a favorite food of the month but I gotta say these cheese sticks are so good. We usually get the mozzarella ones and they are great for snacking on. I enjoy peeling the cheese for some reason it's kinda fun.

4)Daily painting book
This book is about a artist who paints on a daily basis. Her name is Carol Marine and she is a daily painter. The book talks about how painting on a daily basis can benefit you in the longrun. She tells her story and her techniques that she uses in her artwork. This is a very inspiring book so far(I'm only halfway through it). I'm prabably going to do a whole seperate post about this book in a couple of weeks. I will go into more detail in the upcoming post. 

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