Daily painting book

I just finished reading daily painting by Carol Marine and I gotta say it was pretty inspiring. Carol Marine is a daily painter who paints a lot of still life. She went from painting big paintings and then eventually went to small paintings. She saw that she was avoiding the studio to paint big pieces of art. When she switched to painting smaller and more regularly and she saw that she actually wanted to go in the studio and she got excited to paint. She has a blog where she sells all her artwork. This is her blog if you wanted to visit it. http://carolmarine.blogspot.com/
The benefits of painting smaller art more frequently are...
-It fits into your busy schedule
-You're more inspired to experiment
-You're less emotionally attached
-It facilitates quick growth
-You feel less fear
-You enjoy the process more
-You gain confidence
-It's less tedious
-It helps your larger work
-There is more structure

That sure is a lot of benefits. Honestly I like painting small too because you just feel more accomplished in the end and it helps me grow quickly. I also notice that I'm not really in the mood to do bigger paintings because I just think "I gotta fill this all in with paint and it's probably going to look weird in the end because I put too much water to the paint". I just produce better work when it's small.

Carol Marine talked about selling art online, framing, composition, awkward still lifes, plein air painting, Values, artist blocks, and just basic things that are helpful to see information on. I would really suggest her book to someone that is looking to get inspired by art. I sure hope some of you who read this will like the book too.

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