How I rediscovered art

I've been into art since I was just a little two year old. I would fingerpaint and as I got a bit older(around six-seven years old) I started painting actual paintings. I remember using oil pastels a lot and I would do acylics sometimes. My paintings were on large sheets of paper. I remember Cal(my brother), my dad, and me would sit down at the dinner table and paint or do oil pastels some evenings. I really enjoyed it. Cal used to do oil pastel drawings of sharks and fish and I liked doing vases. Then as we got older we both stopped doing art. Cal still does not do artwork but I rediscovered art. 
I found some pcitures in my photo album of me painting and I thought I would share them. I like the one with  the paint all over me it's so cute.

I was looking thorugh dad's artist room a couple of months ago and I came upon my old artwork. I will have to say it was pretty good for being seven years old. Then I thought to myself, genetics are on my side here, dad is an artist, and I'm very creative and this seems like it could be fun again. So then I started doing artwork again. I started off just doing artwork with acrylics on large paper like what I did before. Then I started experiementing with oil pastels and I started drawing with pencils. I also started painting on solid large boards(I don't know what they are actually called). I've been getting to know more about line, form, space, information, and the basic concepts of art. I'm slowly improving and I'm figuring out my style of art. I like impressionist artists, like Degas, Ken Auster, Bruno Paoli, Van gogh, M.C Escher, and Claude Monet.

I have taken art class during elementary school because it's required and I took one semister of art class in 6th grade. But I didn't learn much in those art classes. But I might be taking art class for one semister during my sophomore year. I signed up for it and I will prabably get it since sophomores have more priority over freshmans for getting classes. My friend Zarin took art class and said it was good. I'm also going to get involved in art club next year too. So I'm pretty excited to learn more about art.

I have not developed a certain style for my paintings I just kinda paint whatever I feel like painting. I have only recently started painting again so I'm just experimenting with things.

Here is some of my work, you can also see my work on my artwork page. To get to my artwork page you just click on the my artwork button on the navigation bar.
The wonder of nature
Done in acrylic paint
Ballerina chillin with a fan
Done in pencil
The apple and the jar
Done acylic paint and oil pastels
Ballerina tying her shoe(copied Degas by doing my own similar version of ballerina tying her shoe)
Done in Pencil and oil pastel
Tick tock
Done in acylic paint, oil pastel, and pen

I do create a lot of art but some of my art I don't feel comfortable with sharing online. The one's that I do post I feel proud of . There is tons more artwork on my artwork page so check that out. Farewell until next week. Have a great memorial day weekend. 

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