How I rediscovered art

I've been into art since I was just a little two year old. I would fingerpaint and as I got a bit older(around six-seven years old) I started painting actual paintings. I remember using oil pastels a lot and I would do acylics sometimes. My paintings were on large sheets of paper. I remember Cal(my brother), my dad, and me would sit down at the dinner table and paint or do oil pastels some evenings. I really enjoyed it. Cal used to do oil pastel drawings of sharks and fish and I liked doing vases. Then as we got older we both stopped doing art. Cal still does not do artwork but I rediscovered art. 
I found some pcitures in my photo album of me painting and I thought I would share them. I like the one with  the paint all over me it's so cute.

I was looking thorugh dad's artist room a couple of months ago and I came upon my old artwork. I will have to say it was pretty good for being seven years old. Then I thought to myself, genetics are on my side here, dad is an artist, and I'm very creative and this seems like it could be fun again. So then I started doing artwork again. I started off just doing artwork with acrylics on large paper like what I did before. Then I started experiementing with oil pastels and I started drawing with pencils. I also started painting on solid large boards(I don't know what they are actually called). I've been getting to know more about line, form, space, information, and the basic concepts of art. I'm slowly improving and I'm figuring out my style of art. I like impressionist artists, like Degas, Ken Auster, Bruno Paoli, Van gogh, M.C Escher, and Claude Monet.

I have taken art class during elementary school because it's required and I took one semister of art class in 6th grade. But I didn't learn much in those art classes. But I might be taking art class for one semister during my sophomore year. I signed up for it and I will prabably get it since sophomores have more priority over freshmans for getting classes. My friend Zarin took art class and said it was good. I'm also going to get involved in art club next year too. So I'm pretty excited to learn more about art.

I have not developed a certain style for my paintings I just kinda paint whatever I feel like painting. I have only recently started painting again so I'm just experimenting with things.

Here is some of my work, you can also see my work on my artwork page. To get to my artwork page you just click on the my artwork button on the navigation bar.
The wonder of nature
Done in acrylic paint
Ballerina chillin with a fan
Done in pencil
The apple and the jar
Done acylic paint and oil pastels
Ballerina tying her shoe(copied Degas by doing my own similar version of ballerina tying her shoe)
Done in Pencil and oil pastel
Tick tock
Done in acylic paint, oil pastel, and pen

I do create a lot of art but some of my art I don't feel comfortable with sharing online. The one's that I do post I feel proud of . There is tons more artwork on my artwork page so check that out. Farewell until next week. Have a great memorial day weekend. 

The downside of makeup

I know so many girls that will put on five pounds of makeup and spend forever getting ready. All that time adds up, all that wasted time. Now think, does it really matter that much? It's really unnecessary to put on a mask that does not even look like you. You're just pouring bad chemicals all over your skin when you do that. You are beautiful the way you are, don't change yourself drastically. If you want longer eyelashes go and put on a coat of mascara, but please try to keep it minimal. Makeup is meant to enhance your natural features not change your features completely. 

If you get in the habit of putting on a mask you might feel ugly without that mask. You won't even have the confidence to step out of your house without makeup because you feel like you are too ugly. All the commercials tell you that if you want to feel beautiful then you can put on a foundation and get flawless skin. But that's not the truth. Don't fall for it! It's not a way to improve your skin it's just hiding the skin that your in and wearing a mask. It's a pacifier to feel pretty. It's like you don't even think about it's impact, woman just put it on and don't even think about it. Question yourself on why you feel you need makeup. For example: Is it really worth my time? Is it really worth my money? How is makeup effecting my self confidence when I don't have it on?

For girls that don't feel confident without makeup I got some tips to help boost your confidence. But remember if you want good change you have to take action.

-Try wearing less makeup and just slowly decrease the amount you wear.
-Start drinking more water because water will repair your skin. For example; my skin used to have lots more pimples but then I started drinking lots more water and now my skin is clearing up.
-Question your makeup usage
-Keep the negative thoughts away and think positivity

You need to feel comfortable with the skin that you are in, that's very important. That is why I underlined it okay. If you enjoy makeup and you feel just as confident without makeup then that is totally okay. I just thought I would write this article to make more people think about it's impact on them. 

Updated room tour

My room has changed extravagantly since my last room tour on my blog. I thought I would update everyone on my room. The picture above is an overview of my room, it's what you see when you first walk in.
This is my dresser. On top of my dresser I have a vase of flowers, an oil pastel drawing of a koi fish, and a painting that I finished a week ago. I store basic stuff in the drawers of my dresser like lotion, and pj's. 
This is a closeup of the vase. I picked the flowers a few days ago. The flowers were all in areas near my house.
Here is the painting I finished a week ago. I painted this on a wooden board. I'm now displaying it on a mini easel. 
I have a full length mirror between my dresser and my bookshelf. I found this mirror while coming home from a bike ride one day. It was just sitting near the trashcan waiting to get trashed. So I got the mirror and now it's in my room. 
Then wallah, my bookshelf. At the top of my bookshelf I have my focal point, which is a gold geometric shape. My bookshelf is my main decor area so bascially my whole bookshelf is a display thing. 
I thought I would show you a closeup of my flowers that are on my bookshelf. I also handpicked these too. Flowers just really enlighten spaces so you can never have too many flowers. 
Here is my bed. I sleep on my bed now, I used to sleep on the floor to try it out. I have my stuffed animals, Wolfie(my favorite wolf in the whole world) and honey bear. I also have four photos/art prints hanging over my bed. 
Then we have my paint sample color wall. I decided to make a wall of color by using paint samples and it turned out pretty good. I got the idea when I was biking and I came across Town and Country Hardware. I went in to see if they had free popcorn and they did. But I also saw paint samples and I thought "I could create a color wall". So I did.
I have a couple pieces of art on my walls too. I painted this landscape and framed it and hung it up.
Then we have Carlee kitty standing in front of the other piece of artwork on my wall. It's a paper that is framed that has a lot of ink pen work. It has cool designs and symbols. 
Then I got this vintage thing near the end of my bed. I like the dog because it looks fluffy. 
Here is my closet. I don't use it to store clothing in because I don't need much space for my clothes since I minimized my closet. There was a unused closet in the bonus room that no one used so I put my clothes in there. I have my desk and a little nightstand to store electronics and notebooks in. 
I made a picture collage on the inside of one of my closet doors. I'm still adding to it but I just have some cool photos and little cutouts from magazines. 
This is the focal point of my closet. I made it out of sticks and twine, then I spray painted it with gold spray paint. It is such an inexpensive decoration and it looks great.
This is the left side of my closet. I just have a little bit of storage
Last but not least, here is the right side of my closet. I got a vase of red maple leaves from my backyard, and some more storage. 

So that was my room, I really love my room. It always changes around a bit but thats how it looks right now I guess. See ya next Friday with a new post. 

Time flies by..

What are you doing with your life?
Are you sitting inside and watching TV, sleeping all day, scrolling through the thousands of photos on Instagram?
If you are doing those things you're really wasting your time, your life. 
Make the most out of your life, after all you're only here for a limited time.

It seems like every time I look out of my window it's a new season.I looked out of my window and the leaves were just starting to get on the tree and now it's a luscious, green tree. It's crazy how fast time goes by. As time is flying by we should live to our full potential and make the most out of our time. Go out and do something. You don't have to never be in your house, I'm not saying that. Just try to go out once or twice a day. What I mean by going out I mean actually going somewhere after work or school.

I asked someone from my earth science class what they do on weekends and she said "I sit on my phone all day". Then I said "Doesn't that get boring?" Then she said "Yes" in a proud tone of voice. All day is really overdoing the device. The phone is basically a drug for mostly kids. It's totally okay to use it but don't overuse it.  Let's say you get a text message, don't check it immediately. It's not like you're going to die if you don't respond immediately. With snapchat or snapdragon whatever it's called you watch people's stories. When you watch people's stories you're watching another person's life instead of living your own. I'm not against it because you could learn something but it seems like most of the time it's just random stuff. Your time is precious, use it wisely.

Spend your time cultivating your passions. It's great to cultivate your passions because you are putting in the work towards your passion. Do what you want to do and work hard at it. When you work hard at something you will grow. For example I want my painting skills to improve so I paint once or twice a week. It's really fun to paint too.

Take action. If you read my blog you know I emphasize this a lot. But if you want to make the most out of your time on this earth you gotta take action on the things you want to do. You can't just sit around and let life pass you by while your not making the most out of your life. If you want to start reading more, pick up a book and read. If you want to play sports more, sign up for a sport. Taking action may not be that easy for you but just start with small things,

You never know how long your life will last. You could wake up tomorrow and it could be your last day on earth and you wouldn't even know it. Since you never know what lies ahead of you, act on what you want to do and do it now.

If you were to die tomorrow, would you have gotten what you wanted out of life?