March Favorites

1)Myrtle beach
Myrtle beach was really fun and this deserves to go on my favorites list. I wrote a whole post about Myrtle beach so if you want to check that out click on the travel label and then boom it will pop up. So we went there for the weekend for my brother's soccer tournament. Our hotel was a penthouse view right on the ocean so it was great. Yeah it was kinda stressful at times but it was fun. The food was good, we ate at a few cool places. 
2)The little red writing book
This writing book is great for learning how to write better. I've been reading two chapters a day and it's really great to learn new writing techniques. It made me think of things in a new perspective. I also really enjoy how cute the imagery in this book is. There is exercises in the book too to help you practice.
I really have been enjoying painting over spring break. It fills my time and it's really fun. My dad is a painter and he has some of his work hung up around Wake Forest. He has been painting for many years and has sold lots of his work to people. Well not so much now in days because there is no market for art anymore unfortunately. You can try looking for his art around Downtown Wake Forest, look for anything that says Ed Hardy. He enjoys painting cities. Anyways I could do a whole post about that. So back to me, I was like I enjoy painting and genetics are on my side so why not? I made a artwork page on my blog too so if you want to check that out you can click on the artwork blue tab at the top of my blog. I've been adding to my "gallery" a lot so I would check that once a week or so if you're interested. 
I have been loving a nice cup of coffee in the morning. I love it when we get new coffee creamer and then you can try out the new flavor, it's pretty great. I bought my own coffee mix kinda thing, it's like coffee powder and then you put it in the hot milk and mix then put the creamer. If you want the coffee mix just go to the dollar store and get the cappuccino box in the hot drinks section. You know I bike to the dollar store to get this stuff. You know it's good when you don't mind biking to get it.
I've been loving this mp3 player. I listen to music with this all the time, especially at school. I really enjoy my playlist. It includes Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen, and the Eagles. I like how it's a small  and mobile device and you can easily take it anywhere with you. 

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