How to deal with your dog

Dogs are dogs. They will chew at everything. They will want to play. They will misbehave. That is just how dogs are. 

*Close the doors to some areas that would be dangerous for your dog and close the door if they could chew on something that you don't want chewed.
*Make sure you close the toilet seat thing because they will want to go in there and drink/eat the stuff in the toilet.
*Take them on multiple walks a day if they have lots of energy because then they can calm down and it's like a weight off your shoulders.
*You gotta play with your dog, be a good dog owner people.
*Don't underfeed or overfeed your dog you just need the right amount for your dog to be healthy and to grow.
*If they start being aggressive try to eliminate the person/thing that is causing the aggression
*Teach your dog stuff man(I taught snookerdoddle right shake, also she chewed up that stuffed animal in the picture)
*Take your dog to regular vet visits, you need to make your your dog is healthy.
*Treat your dog with care and kindness. I absolutely hate people who mistreat their dog. If you mistreat your dog it just shows how much of an asshole you are. Please, anyone if you know someone who mistreats an animal try to take that animal away from the abuser. I'm really passionate about treating animals with care if you didn't know that already. 
*Make sure you take your dog out to take a dump or go pee because I'm pretty sure you don't want them to pee or poop in your place.
*If they do something good reward them and if they do something bad crate them.
*Try to keep your dog off the countertops because there is food they can get to

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