How do you view yourself?

I was talking to my friend Aryan and he suggested that I write an article on self esteem. So here I am.
 Self esteem is how you view yourself. Your self esteem can either be high or low. A person's self esteem is affected by many things, some examples include appearance, status, relationships, how others treat us, media, etc. Having a high self esteem is what we all want right? Feeling great about yourself is important.

 I have a beauty mark above my belly button and I used to not want to wear two piece swimsuits because I was embarrassed of it. I'm not embarrassed of it anymore I mean I felt pretty good when I wore my two piece swimsuit yesterday. I was like damn why was I so embarrassed over it.

If you have low self esteem I would advise you to read the numbered list but if not you can skip over it.
1-Know what your strengths are-make a list of what you are good at(this can be a mental list or physical list)Review your list whenever you are feeling stuck or if you are feeling negative.
 2-Step out of your comfort zone-When you step out of your comfort zone you feel feel a lot better as a person and you will grow as a person.
 3-Try exercising-Exercising improves your thoughts about yourself and after you exercise you  feel great.
4-Think positively about yourself-When you think positively about yourself it will instantly boost your self esteem
5-Dress in something nice-When you are wearing something that you like you feel great.
6-Be nice to people-You start to feel good about yourself when you are kind to people.
7-Be grateful-Be thankful for what you have
8-Take action-Make an effort to achieve something. Don't overwhelm yourself, just start small. But you have to take action if you want to see results.

I thought it would be good to just write a post about this because how you view yourself does effect you as a person. We should try to be the best person we can be no matter what our issues are or how different we are.

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