Room ideas to spice it up

1) Geometric shapes. I love using different shapes in my room. It creates emphasis and attracts the eye. Geometric shapes are unique and look super sophisticated. I have used two geometric shapes in my room. The first one is this ball of metal on top of my bookshelf. The second shape is a bunch of sticks tied together in my closet. It's hard to describe but it's really abstract. You know it's abstract when you can't even describe it well haha. 
2)Hanging up photographs. Hanging up photos is a cute way to decorate. It's a personal touch on your space. It looks really cute when it's hung from a string. My photos are hung at the top of my bed frame. I have photos that include Italy, light up star decorations, my dad's artwork, and photo of the ocean. I'm not sure which ocean but it's beautiful. 
3)Globe lights. Globe lights are so romantic and relaxing. I love spending the evening with the globe lights on and just going on the computer. It's great with a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate. There is something about these lights that just make you feel so relaxed. Just get globe lights if you want the ultra relaxation. You can get creative with these lights, you can do just about anything just as long as you got an outlet people. I strung globe lights at the end of my bed frame. 
4)Canopy. I love how this canopy looks over my bed. It was really easy to put up. You just get a bed sheet and nail the sheet into the wall. I love my canopy; it's super cozy and romantic. I love just sitting on my laptop under the canopy. 

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