Mrytle beach vacation

Hey, I went to Myrtle beach last weekend for my brother's soccer tournament. It was exciting but I also got very homesick. There was also a few times when I got tired of being around the family, but you know, I had to deal. The trip was very busy and I didn't get much sleep. I got some awesome photographs through. I put together a film of short clips from the vacation. You can watch the film right from this page. So just click the little play button right above this paragraph. 

Day one
We drove up to Myrtle beach after school. My brother, Cal was farting a lot in the car. I was jamming out to my 80's music. We walked the beach and chilled in the hot tub for a bit. We then went out for dinner at Soul Food. The food was pretty good and their slogan is funny, "Your mama made it". After dinner I went to the workout room and worked out and played on the bouncy ball. I also got a free orange! The free orange totally made my day. I slept on a pillow bed among the floor. It was really cozy and It had a beautiful view. I mean, I was twelve floors up so just imagine that in your little mind right now. I was watching the building lights from other hotels at midnight. They were dazzling. 

Day two
The second day I woke up early for Cal's soccer game. It was bitter cold and I was just wrapped up in my blanket. There was a dude on Cal's soccer team that had black fluffy hair so I was staring at his hair. The boy I like has the same hair as the dude so that is why haha. After his first game we went to Broadway at the beach. We went in cool shops and I totally bought lots of candy at the candy store. We then went to Cal's soccer game after that. At his soccer game I sat on a bench near the soccer fields. It was near the market commons and had a pond. I also relaxed in the car for a bit. After his soccer game we went to the market commons for lunch and shopping. I went in Anthropologie and bought a notebook since I could use it and it was cute. I just love Anthropologie's home decor and notebooks. We then went to lunch at the Tupelo Honey Cafe. I ate mac and cheese and a biscuit. They have really good food there, I would recommend their food to you. We got back to the hotel after that and I went on a beach walk and went on the water slide. So the water slide didn't have any water so one of the kids on Cal's soccer team dumped water from the hot tub to make a water slide. I just held my hands onto the sides of the slide and let my feet carry me down the slide. It did the job and it was really fun. Later, I watched the sunset from the hotel window. It was very beautiful.

Day three
The third day I woke up around seven o'clock. As soon as I woke up I watched the sunrise with Cal. We went on a long beach walk. We came upon a ton of seagulls and of course we invaded. Hundreds of them flew when we ran at them. After that I hung out at the hotel for a bit and then we checked out of the hotel. We went to Broadway at the beach after we checked out. We went in a few more shops but I didn't buy anything. We then headed out to Cal's last soccer game. I hung out in the car the whole time. Then we had an incident occur. So after his game ended; Cal realized that another kid took his soccer bag on accident and the kid was already an hour's drive out from Myrtle beach. So we had the kid's phone number and we just had to look up the area code. My mom called this lady and she said "If you want the bag back your going to have to meet me halfway". She then hung up the phone, oh we were so pissed. It is not our problem that this happened, it's on them. So Brodie's mom calls this lady and said "If your not over here in forty five minutes we are going to file a police report for stolen bag". Oh the roastage. Then about an hour later the lady rolls in with a b & w and gives us the bag. Like lady if you have that expensive vehicle you can obviously afford gas money to drive here. Well at least we got the bag back. Theres also a new phrase we came up with after the inccident it's "Get your face outta here with that b & w". 

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  1. Miss Courtney - I assume "Get your face outta here with that B&W" is your and Cal's new phrase. That's the first I've heard of it. Good blog post though. Love - Mom