Benefits of sleeping on the floor

Sleeping on the floor sounds weird right? Yeah it kinda is but you get some amazing benefits from sleeping on the floor. So why not give it a shot?

It's been five nights since I first starting sleeping on the floor. I have seen wonderful results from this and I just needed to tell you guys about this new sleeping situation. How I discovered this new way of sleeping was from watching Thriving Minimalist on YouTube and he was talking about sleeping on a yoga mat with a sleeping bag and I was interested that people were sleeping in other ways than on the mattress. I decided to try out sleeping on a hard surface and I discovered that this works better for me than sleeping on a giant, one foot mattress.

 It was uncomfortable the first night that I slept on the floor but then these past few nights I've slept nicely and comfortably. I noticed a difference between how I wake up on the mattress vs how I woke up on the floor. When I woke up on the mattress I felt half asleep and still tired. When I woke up on the floor I felt really refreshed and I felt more ready to start the day. Since I sleep on the floor now, I kinda use my mattress as a trampoline. Yeah I'm crazy, but I love it haha. Also look at snookerdoddle on the mattress in the image above. Isn't she just so cute? That was the night that I used the mattress as a trampoline.

 My mom told me a few nights ago, "Why can't you sleep on the mattress like a normal person"?  I feel more comfortable sleeping on the floor and it's benefiting my body so I'm just doing what works for me. We have an expectation that we have to sleep on a mattress. But in reality it's our choice to decide what's right for us as a person. 

Benefits from sleeping on the floor:
-Less muscle pain
-You Feel more refreshed when you wake up
-Better posture
-Good for internal organs
-You become more flexible
-Aligns the body
-Flows your blood nicely while you sleep
-Saves space

I think that you should try to have an open mind to everything because you never know until you try something. When you have a open mind you experience more in life. Sleeping on the floor sounds crazy but I'm so glad that I discovered this. The reason why I'm here talking about this right now is because I have an open mind. So just food for thought people. 

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