Benefits of sleeping on the floor

Sleeping on the floor sounds weird right? Yeah it kinda is but you get some amazing benefits from sleeping on the floor. So why not give it a shot?

It's been five nights since I first starting sleeping on the floor. I have seen wonderful results from this and I just needed to tell you guys about this new sleeping situation. How I discovered this new way of sleeping was from watching Thriving Minimalist on YouTube and he was talking about sleeping on a yoga mat with a sleeping bag and I was interested that people were sleeping in other ways than on the mattress. I decided to try out sleeping on a hard surface and I discovered that this works better for me than sleeping on a giant, one foot mattress.

 It was uncomfortable the first night that I slept on the floor but then these past few nights I've slept nicely and comfortably. I noticed a difference between how I wake up on the mattress vs how I woke up on the floor. When I woke up on the mattress I felt half asleep and still tired. When I woke up on the floor I felt really refreshed and I felt more ready to start the day. Since I sleep on the floor now, I kinda use my mattress as a trampoline. Yeah I'm crazy, but I love it haha. Also look at snookerdoddle on the mattress in the image above. Isn't she just so cute? That was the night that I used the mattress as a trampoline.

 My mom told me a few nights ago, "Why can't you sleep on the mattress like a normal person"?  I feel more comfortable sleeping on the floor and it's benefiting my body so I'm just doing what works for me. We have an expectation that we have to sleep on a mattress. But in reality it's our choice to decide what's right for us as a person. 

Benefits from sleeping on the floor:
-Less muscle pain
-You Feel more refreshed when you wake up
-Better posture
-Good for internal organs
-You become more flexible
-Aligns the body
-Flows your blood nicely while you sleep
-Saves space

I think that you should try to have an open mind to everything because you never know until you try something. When you have a open mind you experience more in life. Sleeping on the floor sounds crazy but I'm so glad that I discovered this. The reason why I'm here talking about this right now is because I have an open mind. So just food for thought people. 

Things you need to know about life

1)What goes around comes around-I believe that the way you treat other people deserves to reflect back to how you will be treated. For example if you are kind to everyone you will be treated kindly and if you have hatred towards everyone you will get hatred back. I think that you should be kind to everyone even if they are not kind to you because you don't want to stoop to their level. You gotta be like "I'm sorry you feel that way" and then it's basically like a punch in the face.

2)Not everything is going to get handed to you-You have to work for things in life, you just don't get handed all the money you need. You have to work your ass off to thrive in the real world. When you get a job the government will take your money and you will be mad but you gotta deal with that. If you want something, work for it. Do what you gotta do to earn something. My dad never got handed anything ever and had to work for everything and that has made him such a hardworking person.

3)Your going to need to show some personality-If you want people to know who you are you're going to need to show who you are by stating your opinion towards things, speaking up, and being yourself. I wrote a whole article about expressing yourself and if you need tips you can click on my articles label and scroll down and it will be there for you to read. 

4)Everyone makes mistakes, It's okay to make mistakes-There is times in life when you will make a mistake and it's okay dude. Mistakes can help you learn how to correct yourself or what you can do next time to prevent the mistake. We all need lessons so we can learn from it and those mistakes benefit you as a person through it doesn't seem like it.

5)You gotta deal with crappy people-In your lifetime I bet you're going to have a crappy employee or someone that just pisses you off. But you're going to have to learn how to deal with them. Don't take your anger out on that person because they might not even realize they are crappy. Don't treat them any differently because they are crappy, just be nice and maybe they will improve. 

6)Organizing everything and minimalism will help you-You're going to need to organize your life if you want to avoid stress. Minimalism is all about focusing on the important things and if you want to know more about minimalism you can click on my minimalism label on the side of my blog. I've seen many benefits from minimalism and organization in general. 

7)Life is sometimes not fair-Not everything in life is fair so it just is what it is. You will come across things that are just not fair and you can't really do much to change that but sometimes you could try to change whatever is not fair.

8)Technology isn't everything-People love technology and we frequently overuse the device. I think technology should be used for bettering your life and not just an entertainment source. Honestly I stopped watching TV about three months ago. I find it stupid but I do watch YouTube videos. I love watching the ones with aliens, space, ghosts, and things that the government is trying to cover up. I learn something from those videos and I'm glad I can learn about that kind of stuff because it interests me. I only check my ipad twice a day to see what is going on even through it's not that important. But I enjoy going on snapchat and Instagram and stuff. One thing about this generation is that they can't put the freaking phone down. It's like what's so important about it that you need to check it constantly?

9)Question everything, absolutely everything-Questioning everything will really help you make decisions better. Like I went through my room today and I asked myself "Will I use this"? Question why certain things are what they are. I wonder about a lot of things. I won't just accept what is said I will examine the situation. I have my own theory's guys haha. One of my theory's is that aliens put us on this earth and are studying us. I do think it's true that aliens just put us on this earth. I mean I don't have scientific evidence but it would be almost impossible to gather evidence for that. 

10)Always be happy-Life is short dude so being happy is really the only way you want to live. If you're not happy whats the point of even being here man. Just make sure you're always happy in life, this is number one before anything else. Make sure that when everything falls into place, you are happy. Sometimes people settle for a crappy job that makes them unhappy and stressed. It's not worth that extra money okay. Don't be in a job that you don't like, my dad made that mistake and he is so glad he's out of that warehouse. Don't settle for a crappy job that makes you unhappy. Get that amazing job that you enjoy even if it pays less. When you buy that house make sure you're going to be comfortable and happy living in it, also make sure you can afford that house dude. So in any situation always make sure your enjoying yourself and that your happy. Always. 

Mrytle beach vacation

Hey, I went to Myrtle beach last weekend for my brother's soccer tournament. It was exciting but I also got very homesick. There was also a few times when I got tired of being around the family, but you know, I had to deal. The trip was very busy and I didn't get much sleep. I got some awesome photographs through. I put together a film of short clips from the vacation. You can watch the film right from this page. So just click the little play button right above this paragraph. 

Day one
We drove up to Myrtle beach after school. My brother, Cal was farting a lot in the car. I was jamming out to my 80's music. We walked the beach and chilled in the hot tub for a bit. We then went out for dinner at Soul Food. The food was pretty good and their slogan is funny, "Your mama made it". After dinner I went to the workout room and worked out and played on the bouncy ball. I also got a free orange! The free orange totally made my day. I slept on a pillow bed among the floor. It was really cozy and It had a beautiful view. I mean, I was twelve floors up so just imagine that in your little mind right now. I was watching the building lights from other hotels at midnight. They were dazzling. 

Day two
The second day I woke up early for Cal's soccer game. It was bitter cold and I was just wrapped up in my blanket. There was a dude on Cal's soccer team that had black fluffy hair so I was staring at his hair. The boy I like has the same hair as the dude so that is why haha. After his first game we went to Broadway at the beach. We went in cool shops and I totally bought lots of candy at the candy store. We then went to Cal's soccer game after that. At his soccer game I sat on a bench near the soccer fields. It was near the market commons and had a pond. I also relaxed in the car for a bit. After his soccer game we went to the market commons for lunch and shopping. I went in Anthropologie and bought a notebook since I could use it and it was cute. I just love Anthropologie's home decor and notebooks. We then went to lunch at the Tupelo Honey Cafe. I ate mac and cheese and a biscuit. They have really good food there, I would recommend their food to you. We got back to the hotel after that and I went on a beach walk and went on the water slide. So the water slide didn't have any water so one of the kids on Cal's soccer team dumped water from the hot tub to make a water slide. I just held my hands onto the sides of the slide and let my feet carry me down the slide. It did the job and it was really fun. Later, I watched the sunset from the hotel window. It was very beautiful.

Day three
The third day I woke up around seven o'clock. As soon as I woke up I watched the sunrise with Cal. We went on a long beach walk. We came upon a ton of seagulls and of course we invaded. Hundreds of them flew when we ran at them. After that I hung out at the hotel for a bit and then we checked out of the hotel. We went to Broadway at the beach after we checked out. We went in a few more shops but I didn't buy anything. We then headed out to Cal's last soccer game. I hung out in the car the whole time. Then we had an incident occur. So after his game ended; Cal realized that another kid took his soccer bag on accident and the kid was already an hour's drive out from Myrtle beach. So we had the kid's phone number and we just had to look up the area code. My mom called this lady and she said "If you want the bag back your going to have to meet me halfway". She then hung up the phone, oh we were so pissed. It is not our problem that this happened, it's on them. So Brodie's mom calls this lady and said "If your not over here in forty five minutes we are going to file a police report for stolen bag". Oh the roastage. Then about an hour later the lady rolls in with a b & w and gives us the bag. Like lady if you have that expensive vehicle you can obviously afford gas money to drive here. Well at least we got the bag back. Theres also a new phrase we came up with after the inccident it's "Get your face outta here with that b & w". 

Room ideas to spice it up

1) Geometric shapes. I love using different shapes in my room. It creates emphasis and attracts the eye. Geometric shapes are unique and look super sophisticated. I have used two geometric shapes in my room. The first one is this ball of metal on top of my bookshelf. The second shape is a bunch of sticks tied together in my closet. It's hard to describe but it's really abstract. You know it's abstract when you can't even describe it well haha. 
2)Hanging up photographs. Hanging up photos is a cute way to decorate. It's a personal touch on your space. It looks really cute when it's hung from a string. My photos are hung at the top of my bed frame. I have photos that include Italy, light up star decorations, my dad's artwork, and photo of the ocean. I'm not sure which ocean but it's beautiful. 
3)Globe lights. Globe lights are so romantic and relaxing. I love spending the evening with the globe lights on and just going on the computer. It's great with a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate. There is something about these lights that just make you feel so relaxed. Just get globe lights if you want the ultra relaxation. You can get creative with these lights, you can do just about anything just as long as you got an outlet people. I strung globe lights at the end of my bed frame. 
4)Canopy. I love how this canopy looks over my bed. It was really easy to put up. You just get a bed sheet and nail the sheet into the wall. I love my canopy; it's super cozy and romantic. I love just sitting on my laptop under the canopy.