January favorites

Hello! I thought I would start saying my favorite things of each month at the end of each month. I have watched many of these monthly favorites on Youtube and I thought I would encourporate it into my blog. 
1)My camera
I love taking photographs on this camera. Grandma gave this camera to me for Christmas and I'm very thankful to take such lovely, high quality photos. I've been using it multiple times a day and it's just spectacular. 
It snowed this month and we had two days off from school along with the weekend. It was fun to play in the snow and to get beautiful photos. I went on a few walks on the green way and everything just looked so gorgeous. Afterall it's not winter without the snow!
3)This perfume
It makes you smell so sophisticated and it's a romantic scent. I use this perfume everyday for school and sometimes on the weekend. 
4)This photo
 I love how the street looks in the early morning with the glow of the streetlights and light rain. It's just so beautiful and I love driving around when it's dark outside because everything is lit up. If you follow me on Instagram you would know how much I love taking photos. I post everyday. I consider my instagram, my artwork. So this was my favorite photo I've taken of this month. 

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