The negative impact of advertisements

How many advertisements do you think you watch each week? 
Stop and think about it, once you have your answer you can continue reading.

The average person watches over five hundred advertisements each week. 
Now just think about how much time you wasted. Think about what better things you could be doing with your time. Five hundred advertisements each week seems just a bit excessive. 

Your time is valuable, use it in a enriching way.

People that own companies benefit from advertisements because It helps them sell their merchandise easier and brings business towards their company. But for the viewers of all this advertising, it's bad. We get bombarded so frequently and we don't even realize it. Advertisements convince us to spend our money on stuff that we do not need or that may be unhealthy for us. For example, a big mac from McDonald's, or a clothing commercial. We get so convinced to spend our money from all these advertisements. 

But I think you should spend your money and time on better activities that will enrich you. Like a nice conversation, working out, reading, writing, sleeping,(yes sleeping), going on a walk, etc. You save much more time and money. Now you may be thinking "I may watch the advertisements but not buy the products that the company is advertising, so I don't waste money". Time is money. Your wasting your time watching them, so therefore you are wasting your money too. 

I don't watch TV, but I do watch YouTube. YouTube has a four or five second advertisement and then you can skip. So I'm wasting my time and money when I watch YouTube but the videos I'm watching are very entertaining and most of the time I can learn something from the videos I watch, so it's worth the four seconds. 

Overall advertisements could be good or bad.  It just depends on the situation. What is your opinion on advertisements? Did I change your viewpoint on advertisements? Advertisements may be a big or small part of our lives, but it's always good to know the meaning behind advertisements. 

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