Room tour

This is my dresser. I store clothing, hair styling stuff, accessories, and beauty supplies in here. I love the big mirror and the way I decorated it. 
This is a closeup of the items on top of my dresser. I have a few perfumes and a glass bottle with fake flowers inside. 
This is my bookshelf. I don't store many books here because I don't read much. So I mostly just use this to display items that I think are delicate and pretty. You see that pink teacup, it's crazy to believe that was from the nineteen fifties. 
This is my nightstand. I store electronics and everyday stuff in here. I like having this nightstand next to my bed so I can easily access lotion.
This is a closeup of my nightstand. I decorated it with a cacti and a birdcage. I adore birdcages by the way, I have always just found them so interesting and unique. I don't have a bird, but it's just cool to look at. 
This is my bed, my favorite place in my room. I sleep a lot so this is also where I spend a lot of my time. I enjoy having the window right next to me too, I love looking outside the window, I have such a beautiful view. I'm very thankful for my bed. 
This is my desk. I go on my laptop here and I also sometimes do homework here. I like playing with the chair, like bouncing my feet off the wall.
One thing I enjoy to look at is this artwork of a fluffy, white dog and a stylish lady. This is absolutely adorable. 

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