My favorites of 2015

I love red lipstick and I wear it all the time. This will probably be my favorite for a while.
the lipstick I use is here (In pomegranate)
She is one of my favorite youtubers and I have been watching her for over a year. She has the best personality, she's inspiring, and best of all, she's super funny. She is vegan and my god, she eats the most delicious food. You guys need to watch her food videos!
You can watch her here
I love to watch sunsets, it's something I always look forward to everyday. They are so beautiful and the colors are radiating. The sunsets are one of the most prettiest things in nature, in my opinion. I advise you to watch the sunset. 
4) My clothing.
I love the clothes I wear and my style. Every aspect of it. That is what makes me who I am.
5)This water bottle.
This water bottle I take to school everyday and I just love it. Whenever I need water it's always there. The lid has a twist thing that closes and opens, so after you drink some you can just close it so it does not spill.
6)My laptop.
This is my favorite thing. I do all my blogging from here and I love browsing photos on here. It's also good for schoolwork too!

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