Christmas Lookbook

1)Squad is ready

2)You really think I'm going to do anything over holiday break

3)Christmas Parade with Sarah

4)When can we open the presents?!

5)When you try to take cute photos for Christmas but then your dog photobombs

5)"You better not eat all the potato casserole"

6)He deserves it

7)I'm a reindeer

Christmas room tour

My dresser
(this is what you see when you first walk in)
This is a closeup of the stuff on my dresser
This is another close up of my dresser
My bed
A closeup of my bed
My nightstand
My lamp stand thing
This cute sign is hanging on the wall that contains my nightstand
My mirror 
Here is my beanbag on the floor right next to my dresser
My bookshelf
(which is not used to store books)
I love this snowman head light
I also have this cute little plate thing on my wall above my mirror.

And that is pretty much my Christmas room. I love how I decorated my room for Christmas this year. Tomorrow my Christmas lookbook will be out. So get ready for that. 

Holiday Guide: Christmas Greenery

Do you want to know how to transform your Christmas greenery for free? In this holiday guide I will tell you how to make your greenery look full and luxurious for little to no cost. So what you will need is some cheap garland from the dollar store, some yard clippings(preferably evergreen, pine, or Christmas tree clippings), ribbon or something like ribbon to secure the garland, and some ornaments or other decorations to put in the garland. 

So first you will lay out your cheap dollar store garland on wherever you want your garland to be. Next thing you will do is get your ribbon and tie the garland to wherever you're putting it. That way when you stick all the yard clippings in it will actually stay. Next you will stick your yard clippings in. You know what I love about using yard clippings is it makes your garland look more real, and it makes it smell good too. Not to mention it's free. You could also use those little Christmas picks that you can get at the store and stick it in, if you don't want to use yard clippings. There is not really a technique to sticking it in, other than making sure you stick all the clippings in evenly so there won't be a large lump of garland, and a small lump. Also don't be afraid to stick in pine cones or random sticks, get creative with it. Once you got your gorgeous garland all set up, decorate it. You can pretty much use anything you want. For a nice contrast you could try doing a variety between small and big ornaments. That's what I did for the garland that I did this year, and it looks great. 



The transformation is amazing! For this year's garland it was under two dollars. Isn't that amazing, and it looks great. And you could use this technique with any Christmas greenery, I just happen to use it with garland. Also warning you will have to vacuum afterwards but it's worth it for some amazing looking garland. 

Who's ready for Christmas? I am dude. On this blog every single week leading up until Christmas I'm going to have a new holiday guide post. It's going to be awesome and I'm really excited to show you guys my Christmas lookbook and Christmas room tour coming soon. So get ready!!!!! See you in next week's holiday post!

November Favorites

1)Getting hype for Christmas
Christmas is coming and that means that I'm hype. We decorated the house the day before Thanksgiving and it just makes me so happy to see that Christmas is coming. It's crazy how fast this year went by It's literally December. I've can't stop talking about Christmas because I just love it so much. Now I will shush about it now.

Thanksgiving was really fun, I ate too much through. The food is obviously the best part of Thanksgiving. I wrote a whole post about thanksgiving so check it out, it's the post before this.

3)Peppermint lotion
I've been using this lotion everyday, and it just puts me in the winter spirit, It smells really good and I just love smelling like winter.

I've been getting into creating YouTube videos. I did my first vlog and I guess it's pretty cool. I want to start doing YouTube videos because it just intrests me, and I want to share my life with the internet. Come check out my channel. Also Subscribe to my channel.

5)How to Grinch Stole Christmas Movie
This is my favorite Christmas Movie, and It's a tradition of mine to watch this every year around Christmas time. I just love how it's like a real life kind of grinch, like not a cartoon if you know what I mean. It just puts me in the Christmas spirit, I feel like I'm a who in whoville because I love Christmas so much haha. If you are looking for a good Christmas movie, watch this.

How my thanksgiving was

My Thanksgiving was very nice. I didn't really do anything special, I just hung out at my house. We ate our Thanksgiving lunch/dinner at one o'clock. We made a thirteen pound turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and some bread rolls. I ate a lot. I ate a leg, a wing, two scoops of mashed potatoes with gravy, three bread rolls, and one spoonful of stuffing. My stomach hurt after that for a couple hours. But it was all good because that meal was so good! Other than that, I just watched YouTube, painted my nails, and worked on my sign language video. 
Now that Thanksgiving is over, there is only thirty more days til Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday. My favorite things about Christmas is the amazing food that my mom makes, Listening to Christmas music, giving presents to people, decorating for Christmas, watching my puppy open all the presents with her mouth(it's the cutest thing ever), watching Christmas movies, and the presents of course. For the next couple of weeks I'm going to do Christmas blog posts(probably about decorating). Because like yo only thirty more days so let's get hype. 

How to cozy up for the cold seasons

It is the season of cozy! Now you don't want to be that one person who is always cold right? So here in this guide I will tell you step by step on how you can cozy up for the colder seasons

Step 1: Make sure you have enough warmth in your house
Houses can get freezing during the colder seasons, especially if  the heat is not always on. You can cozy up and get warm by having extra blankets laying around, and also wearing a robe or super cozy PJ's. Honestly being warm under a blanket is the definition of fall and winter(at least it is to me).

Step 2: Wear cute fall and winter clothes
I find myself feeling more cozy when I'm wearing a cute fall or winter outfit. Maybe It's just because I'm a girl but like aye I get cold so easily so I need to wear those extra layers.

Step 3: Listen to Holiday music 
Let me tell you I'm obsessed with Christmas music and it puts me in that cozy mood that I love. But it also leaves me with getting hype for Christmas on November 1st. I'm literally almost done decorating my room for Christmas, and my parents are letting me decorate the house on Thanksgiving. So I'm hype for decorating, it seems like I'm a Christmas elf because I just love Christmas and I'm always thinking of new ideas for Christmas in general.

Step 4: Cuddle with your loved ones
This may be your dog, or whoever. I love cuddling my puppy, she's my sweet little baby. Cuddling puts you in the cozy mood, and yo like who doesn't like being all cozy and warm.

Step 5: Make it smell like the Holidays
Thanksgiving is like 1 millimeter away and Christmas is like 5 centimeters away, so making your home smell like the holidays is a must. Honestly to me Thanksgiving isn't that big of a deal, but Christmas is a huge deal. I'm a crazy Christmas person. So anyways you can get a candle if you want an easy way to make your home smell good, but there is many other ways. So let's start with thanksgiving, honestly all you need to do is bake a turkey and boom you got your cozy turkey smell, or if you don't want to cook a turkey you could go for whatever food smell that you love, so just cook food and boom. Now onto Christmas, so all you need for this is yard clippings(preferably pine, evergreen, or Christmas tree clippings). Then you just use the clippings in your Christmas decorations to make it smell good, and the cool thing about doing this is that It is a long lasting smell. For example if you have garland, you just put the clippings in the garland to make the garland look more full and smell good. I'm probably going to do a whole post on Christmas greenery(garland, trees, etc) because there is many amazing secrets to Christmas greenery. I've been using this method in my Christmas decorating and my mom walked in my room and said "it smells like Christmas in here", it is really funny how this simple technique works.

So that was all my steps, I'm probably going to be doing a Christmas greenery post on my blog next week, or it will be about thanksgiving. I'm not sure, You'll just have to see. 

Fall lookbook

1) Raking leaves

2)Morning hike in the mountains

3)I'm a turkey

4)Rooster vibes

Trip to Asheville, NC

 As you guys may or may not know, I went to Asheville this month! And now it's time to share the vacation with everyone. This vacation was so fun, and I just love being in the mountains. I've always wanted to live in the mountains, and go to college in the mountains(Appalachian State), so being there for three days was pretty fun. We stayed in a cute little log cabin in the woods, and it was so cozy. The vacation was really relaxing and it was awesome seeing the beautiful sights.

Day 1
We drove up to Asheville, and got there around eleven o'clock. Once we got there we settled into our cabin for an hour or so. Then we decided to go get some lunch at twelve bones. Let me tell you guys, twelve bones is to die for. I ate six ribs, some mac and cheese, and some green beans. I was packed once I finished eating. After we were done eating we realized that twelve bones is in the same area as the artist studios there. So we decided to check out the art studios, there was some really good artwork there. We went in multiple art studios and it was really cool seeing other people's work. After that we drove over to the grove park inn to see it. We just walked around and saw the view that it had to offer. It was very beautiful and we got free apples too! After that we drove back to the cabin to settle in for the night. It was so cozy, and warm in the cabin. We had our little wood burning fireplace inside going, and we made some smores. And that was about all the happened on the first day.

Day 2-

We woke up around seven o'clock and hit the road to go to chimney rock state park. It was such a nice drive to go to chimney rock state park, we were literally driving on a mountain to get there. It was very pretty. When we got there we hiked up the mountain to go to the chimney rock. It was very beautiful when we got to the top of the rock. We stayed up on the rock for a few minutes and we then hiked to go see the waterfall. The waterfall was not an actual kind of waterfall, it was just some water running off of the mountain, but it was still very cool. after that he hiked some more and decided to go to chimney rock town. My parents wanted to check out a brewery in the town and so we went there. It was very scenic because the brewery was on a river and it was relaxing to look at the river. After that we walked around the town just looking in the gift shops. I found a really cute shirt and my mom bought it for me. Thank you again mom(if you're reading this). Then we decided to go to downtown Asheville to grab some lunch, but we couldn't find parking so we drove near the Biltmore area to look for food. We then found Moe's and ate there. I ate a nice burrito stuffed with chicken, rice, lettuce, and cheese.  After that we went back to the cabin to relax. We watched a ton of scary movies at the cabin.We watched Halloween 1 and 2, and Friday the 13. It was fun to relax and watch all of those movies, we were all up late that night watching those movies. Then we fell asleep around eleven o'clock.

Day 3-

This was the last day in the mountains, the most saddest day, because I never wanted to leave. So anyways Cal woke all of us up around 7 o'clock. Then we basically packed up all of our stuff and hit the road. I also went on a little walk before leaving just to say goodbye to everything. Basically we drove home, unpacked, and I did my homework when we got home.