How minimalism can improve your life

What is minimalism?Minimalism is about living a meaningful life with less. It's getting rid of the stuff that is cluttering your life. It's living with the things you actually use. It's living with fewer material possessions. It's a way to free yourself from the stress that is building up in our lives. It's focusing on what is really important. Now ask yourself, 
What is really important?

You may be thinking, "What is the benefit of living with fewer materialistic items"? 
*It eliminates our disconnect
 *Have more time
*live in the moment
*More freedom
*Your space looks more appealing
*Pursue your passions
*More confidence
*Easier to clean your place
*You're happier
*Grow as individuals
*Spend less money
*Less greedy
*Focus on our health
*Contribute beyond ourselves
*Set an example
*Not tied to the past
*Find things easier
*Less stress
*Discover the purpose in our lives

People have grown too attached to their stuff. It's getting in the way of our personal growth. We need focus on the things that really do mean something, and the things that are important in life. By just cleaning out your room, it makes you feel better right? Clean up your junk and donate all the things you don't need and the stuff you don't use. By donating the stuff you don't need, it supports people who do need those things in their life. It will make you feel good to know that you're giving to someone.

You see, I'm just trying to change people's mindset that materialistic things are happiness. Life is more than just an endless shopping trip. 

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