Day in my life: Holiday break

I wake up around 5:45 am.Then I usually go hangout downstairs for a bit and check snapchat and instagram. I also work on my blog and go on tumblr. You guys can check out my tumblr. It's just made up of photos I love to look at. I also play with Cherry in the morning. I've been playing a tug game with her lately. It's where she bites onto the end of the stuffed animal and I hold the other side and we both try to get the stuffed animal out of each other's grip. It's funny how she will put all of her strength into getting the stuffed animal. 
Then I wash my face. I decided to use a face mask today. This one works really well and makes the gross stuff go away. I will probably review this face mask on here in the future. Then after that is done it's usually lunchtime and I eat. I've been enjoying smoothies and rice lately. 
After lunch is when my day really starts. I go out and take photos and explore. I love going on bike rides. I also sometimes bring my journal and write things down in it. I like to listen to the birds also. It's unique how all of them make different sounds. I usually explore for an hour or so and then I come back to the house. I stay at the house for a little bit. At the house I like to just dance around while listening to music. It's very fun and dancing around is good exercise. Then I go back out around 4:30. 
I like to watch the sunset. I also do a little bit of workouts when I go watch the sunset. I've been doing running exercises, jumping jacks, leg lifts, and push ups. Then I go home and I cook myself dinner. After dinner I usually organize things and go on the Internet for a bit. I go to bed whenever I'm bored since I'm never tired. I do usually go to bed around 8:30 since I love to sleep. And that is pretty much how my day goes. But of course this is not the same for everyday, I switch up a few things here and there. 

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