Lush review

I'm going to be reviewing two products from Lush. Lush is a company that creates fresh, handmade ingredients in beauty products. They don't test on animals and use natural ingredients in their products. You can find lush at the mall and online. The first one I'm reviewing is a shampoo, and the other one is a cleanser.   

1) Fairly traded honey shampoo
This shampoo works great. It makes my hair smell really good. My hair is also smooth after using this. Most of the shampoo is honey and honey is good for your hair. Most of the ingredients in the shampoo is natural. 
2)Herbalism cleanser

This cleanser works wonders for me. I highly recommend this if you struggle with oily skin. Once I started using this I noticed a big difference in my skin. This cleared up my pimples and my oil. I used to always have a very shiny, oily face. After I started using this my skin is like brand new. I don't struggle with oily skin anymore. The ingredients in this are nice and all natural.